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bottle-konjac-forteKONJAC FORTE, a new product that promises you rapid and lasting weight loss thanks to a very popular ingredient at the moment, konjac.

According to the official website, Konjac Forte is “recommended by leading nutritionists”.

So, Konjac Forte, effective or not? Answer in our survey…

Presentation and promises of Konjac Forte

Konjac Forte comes in the form of hyper-concentrated capsules containing 500mg each of glucomannan, to be taken at the rate of 6 capsules per day. These 6 slimming pills offer a dose of 3 grams of glucomannan per day.

The official website backs up the quality of its product with an announcement made by the EFSA (European Food & Safety Authority), that:

“Taking 3 grams of glucomannan (konjac extract) per day helps with weight loss. »

After verification, we confirm that the EFSA is indeed at the origin of such announcements. You can consult this statement, in English, directly on the EFSA website.
(Source : EFSA. European Food Safety Authority. EFSA Journal 2010; 8(10): 1798. 27pp. doi: 10.2903/j.efsa.2010.1798).

The benefits of Konjac Forte according to the official website:

  • Traps fats and sugars;
  • Suppress food cravings;
  • Promotes intestinal transit;
  • Removes constipation;
  • Absorbs 100 times its volume in water;
  • Is super focused.

The site explains its low prices based on the absence of an intermediary and the fact that the konjac is directly selected in China, with the highest possible quantity of glucomannan.

Konjac Forte, by Perfoline

bottle-konjac-forteWe have already and during several tests published on our site, dealt with the company Perfoline, alias Ab Vital and Institut Nutritia.

We have already spoken several times about this company, to warn consumers about the hidden clauses included in the CGV of this kind of company. The company is known to anti-scam networks for its abusive charges, bogus free trial offers, and so-called miracle products.

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Konjac Forte Ingredients

The main and only ingredient in Konjac Forte is, of course, KONJAC.

The interest of konjac is its richness in glucomannan fibers, which would have a powerful appetite suppressant action. These fibers act in the stomach by multiplying their original volume by 200. By inflating as much in the stomach, the feeling of satiety arrives more quickly, and the quantity of ingested calories decreases.

But the benefits of konjac don’t stop there. This natural ingredient would also have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. Konjac is also excellent for regulating metabolism and reducing the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.

We have already published an article dedicated to this plant. To view it, go to this page.

And here is the strong konjac packaging label:

Scientific studies on Konjac Forte

No scientific study concerning Konjac Forte has been carried out to date.

On the other hand, the EFSA, in its review on konjac – the ingredient, gives the following verdict on the various slimming claims concerning konjac:

  • A causal relationship has been established between glucomannan consumption and reduced body weight, in the context of a restricted diet;
  • No causal relationship could be established between the consumption of glucomannan and the reduction in post-prandial glycemic responses (2 hours after the meal);
  • No causal relationship could be established between the consumption of glucomannan and the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels;
  • No causal relationship could be established between the consumption of glucomannan and the maintenance of normal triglyceride levels;
  • No causal relationship could be established between the consumption of glucomannan and the promotion of normal intestinal transit;
  • No causal relationship could be established between the consumption of glucomannan and the reduction of potentially pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract.
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Konjac saves the furniture by proving to be really effective in losing weight. On the other hand, the other properties of this ingredient are invalidated by the EFSA.

Another randomized, double-blind study with a placebo control group, which was carried out on 83 volunteers (66 women and 17 men), who were administered glucomannan for a period of 60 days, concluded that glucomannan is effective for weight loss, reduction of body fat, reduction of cholesterol levels. The study announces in particular that these positive results are dependent on certain compliance corrections applied upstream.
(Source : Integrative Health Technologies, Inc., San Antonio, TX (GRK), Department of Pharmacy, University of Houston, Houston, TX (DB), Department of Biochemistry, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC (HGP). Kaats GR., Bagchi D., Preuss HG. J Am Coll Nutr. 2015 Oct 22:1-7).

By comparing the results of these studies and adding to them those obtained in the various studies mentioned in our previous article on konjac, we are faced with contradictory conclusions. This observation leads us to think that other studies should be carried out on konjac, to truly validate or invalidate its properties.

One thing is certain, konjac and glucomannan can have an effective effect in weight loss, but under very specific conditions and in a well-defined lifestyle (diet + physical activity).

Side effects and contraindications of Konjac Forte

The manufacturer displays precautions for use on the label of its product, in particular the risk of suffocation, a known trait of konjac and which has been the subject of several alerts from official health authorities.

Konjac can also cause diarrhea and flatulence.

Finally, the supposed action of konjac on glucose could reduce blood glucose levels beyond what is good for health, in people already taking medication to reduce their glucose or cholesterol levels.

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Consumer Opinions About Konjac Forte:

By consulting the opinions of consumers about this product, we found ourselves in front of different declarations: unpleasant smell, problem of constipation, violent attacks of vomiting, no appetite suppressant effect, no feeling of satiety… The only good point on which the almost majority of consumers agree is the ease of its use.

Basically, the general trend of user testimonials turns negative and classifies this product as ineffective and without apparent effect.

Price and Guarantee of Konjac Forte

Konjac Forte is available in different packs:

  • Objective – 5 kg – 15 days of treatment – ​​€29.90
  • Objective – 10 kg – 30 days of treatment – ​​€49.90 + 1 free detox foot pads kit
  • Objective – 20 kg – 60 days of treatment – ​​€89.90 + 1 free detox foot pads kit
  • Objective + 20 kg – 120 days of treatment – ​​€149.90 + 1 free detox foot pads kit

Delivery is free from the pack – 20 kg. Otherwise, the shipping costs are €7.90.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Our opinion on Konjac Forte

To remain within the framework of objectivity, Konjac Forte seems to respect the standards of the official authorities as to its dosage and its main ingredient.

What we blame this product for are the maneuvers used by its manufacturer and deemed misleading by a large number of people, in particular the repetitive sampling and without the customer’s consent. The web is full of complaints published against this manufacturer.

Alternative to Konjac Forte

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Last update: September 14, 2022.