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Insure your pet with Mutuelle Animaux Info

If you have chosen to take a pet, you must feed it, provide it with a comfortable life that meets its needs and treat it as soon as it gets sick. Alas, thevisits to the vet are not given, as well as treatments that cure certain diseases.

To give your pet the best care without breaking the bank, subscribe to a mutual insurance company for animals is the best solution. We advise you to take a look at comparators to choose the best insurance.

What is Mutuelle-Animaux.Info?

The Mutuelle-Animaux.Info website is a comparator of mutuals for animals where you can make a free quote, compare different insurances and find out as much as possible about the best mutuals, thanks to the list of mutuals offered by the site.

You will soon see that you can cover your pet for all kinds of diseases and pathologies that can affect it: an allergy, kidney failure, osteoarthritis, diabetes, gastritis, flu, infection, disease, heart disease, digestive disease, sprain …

The health insurance you subscribe to may also cover the costs:

  • Vaccination;
  • Hospitalization;
  • End of life;
  • Care after accident.

Prices indicated on Mutuelle-Animaux.fr

The principle of operation of a mutual for your animal is similar to that of your mutual. You pay a contribution to protect your animal and veterinary costs will be reimbursed.

On Mutuelle-Animaux.Info, we tell you actual prices of your future expenses:

The veterinary act His price
A simple consultation 30 to 60 €
Vaccination with booster 30 to 60 €
remove a tumor 200 to 500 €
Fracture 300 to 700 €
A simple hospitalization €300 to €1,000
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These prices seem high, and this is legitimate. However, there are solutions, in particular mutual funds for animals which offer competitive rates.

How to choose the best mutual according to Mutuelle-Animaux.Info?

Before taking out mutual insurance for your pet, you must do your research and take a step back before deciding. The website Mutual-Animals.Info recommends that you ask yourself the right questions:

  • What are your pet’s needs? ;
  • What is the best value for money? ;
  • What guarantees are suitable for your animal? ;
  • Which formula is best suited to your case? ;
  • What budget can you devote to mutual insurance? ;
  • What is the best mutual according to the comparisons?

Now that you have more or less identified the needs of your pet, you can use the Mutuelle-Animaux comparator.information to optimize your search. You will find at your disposal a form to complete for a better comparison and advice.

Insurance formulas explained by Mutuelle-Animaux.Info

When choosing guarantees, the needs and uniqueness of the animal are essential. Mutuals for animals offer contracts with basic guarantees which you can complete with options.

In short, we will offer you three formulas :

  • A basic formula: coverage of care for falls and accidents;
  • An intermediate formula: payment of the burial of the body and typical expenses;
  • An all-comfort package: full coverage, including search costs if the animal is lost.