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How to use black soap on plants?

Are you looking for solutions to fight against an invasion of aphids on the plants in your garden? You want to use only natural solutions in your vegetable garden and you don’t know how to get rid of harmful insects? Have you thought about using black soap on your plants? With its natural properties, black soap works both to protect against invasion and to heal your plants. Find out how to use black soap on plants.

Black soap to fight against the invasion of aphids

A preparation based on black soap is one of the best ways to fight against the invasion of aphids both on your plants and in your vegetable garden. This natural solution allows you to prevent the invasion of aphids, but also to treat trees already affected in an ecological way. Note that black soap also helps get rid of bedbugs or red spiders in vegetable gardens.

Completely natural, black soap is a way to treat your garden and your vegetable patch without risk for your fruits and vegetables or for other animals. If you are looking for where to find black soap, know that you can order ready solutions that are perfectly suited for plants.

When to treat your plants with black soap?

Aphids are not always visible to the naked eye. We therefore advise you to treat your plants with black soap every year at the beginning of spring. This simple little gesture will protect all your plants and fruit trees from possible aphid invasions. Using black soap preventively will help you keep plants healthy and free of endocrine disruptors.

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However, if you see that you have aphids appearing in one of your trees, do not wait to act and use your black soap-based product again to treat your affected tree and those around it. Note that the advantage of black soap is that it is natural and therefore poses no danger to other insects. Also know that black soap has natural properties to heal your trees and plants.

So if you have a plant that has been attacked by pests and you want to try to cure it, you can also spray it with a black soap solution. The soap will indeed create a thin protective layer and heal the plant while protecting it from new attacks.

How to treat your plants with black soap?

To properly treat your plants with black soap, we recommend that you apply the product when the sun is not too hot, either in the morning or in the evening depending on your preference. Take your time to properly spray all the leaves of your plants as well as the branches of your trees. For a good treatment, we advise you to repeat the operation every three days until the aphids or unwanted insects have completely disappeared from your plants. And you, have you ever used black soap on your plants to protect them from aphids?