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How to soothe a burn naturally?

By cooking, cleaning the house with abrasive household products, exposing yourself to the sun, or even smoking… A burn can happen quickly! There are different types of burns: thermal burns, electrical burns, chemical burns and radiation burns. Fortunately, the lightest burns can be treated at home, without having to resort to any chemical substance. In this article, you will discover just a few treatments to soothe a burn naturally.

Burning: how to soothe it naturally? (7 treatments)

Cold water

In the event of a burn, the first reflex to adopt is to pass the affected area under theCold water. Cold has the ability to stop the spread of the burn. It decreases, in fact, the temperature of the skin, and thus prevents the heat from further necrosing the epidermis. Furthermore, it effectively relieves the pain caused by the burn.

On the other hand, the water should not be too cold, but rather cool. Ideally, the water temperature should be 15°C.

Pass the area to be treated under cool water, a fifteen minutesaround 15cm jet. In principle, the temperature of the damaged skin should decrease, and the inflammation should stop spreading and getting worse. Good to know: it is possible to use a pocket of coldprovided that it is, not frozen, but fresh.

aloe vera

Rich in water, sugars, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, aloe vera gel is a natural substance with properties moisturizing and restorative remarkable. It is a good natural remedy for treating sunburn. But that’s not all: it is particularly effective in soothing a burn. The reason ? It greatly speeds up the process of skin scarring.

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Apply some aloe vera gelin a fairly thick layer, on the burn, at the rate of 3 times a day. Then cover with a simple bandage and let the skin absorb the aloe vera gel. Repeat the operation until the dead skin peels off and gives way to new skin.

aloe vera to soothe a burn naturally

Spike lavender essential oil to soothe a burn naturally

Spike lavender essential oil is an excellent treatment to soothe a burn naturally. And for good reason, it is an essential oil with soothing virtues, refreshing and restorative ! In the event of a burn, it thus prevents the risk of infection, while promoting healing. In addition, it is very useful for relieving the pain associated with a burn, due to its effect Pain killer.

Once the burn has cooled, apply a few drops of pure spike lavender on the affected area. Be careful not to exceed more than 4 drops! Renew the application every 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times in a row, if the pain persists, then 2 to 4 times a day, for 2 to 3 days, if necessary. Note that aspice lavender essential oil is contraindicated in pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as in children under 6 years of age. Do not use in case of epilepsy or extensive burns, that is to say, larger than the surface of the palm of the hand.


Did you know ? Honey has a stock healing and antiseptic recognized. It contains, in fact, enzymes, which fight against inflammation and thus reduce the healing time of the burn. In addition to helping to soothe a burn, honey is a formidable weapon for get rid of acne naturally.

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In a bowl, mix a teaspoon of Honey with two teaspoons of vinegar cider. Then addwater, about 200 to 200 ml. Apply the honey-based mixture directly to the area to be treated. Reapply until 3 times per day. Please note that this natural treatment should under no circumstances be used in the event of allergies to bee products.


At a time soothing and healing, calendula is a plant used in many home remedies. It turns out in particular very efficient to treat burns, in particular, minor burns. In case of burns, it is recommended to give preference to calendula in the form of mother tincture.

Imbue a compress of mother tincture of calendula, then place it on the burn. To keep it against the skin, do not hesitate to make a bandage ! let it go All night long, before removing it. Repeat the treatment until the dead skin peels off and gives way to new skin.

Homeopathy to soothe a burn naturally

Several homeopathic medicines are indicated in case of burns: Apis mellifica 7CH, Belladona 5CH and Causticum 9CH. Apis mellifica is a treatment homeopathic which soothes the pain pungent and hot. Belladonna, meanwhile, acts on the rednessthe feeling of heat, pain and edema. Finally, Causticum supports the healing in case of burns, or even corrosion of the skin

Allow 5 granules of Apis mellifica 7CH and 5 granules of Belladonna 5CH to melt under the tongue, every 10 minutes, to be spaced according to improvement. In parallel, take 5 granules of Causticum 9 CH by day.

homeopathic granules and wooden utensil

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort isn’t just a cure for depression. It is also a natural treatment of choice to soothe a burn effectively. The reason ? This is a powerful anti-inflammatory and healing ! In case of burns, it is advisable to prefer St. John’s wort in the form of oily macerate.

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Apply the macerate of St. John’s wort to the burn, at the rate of 3 times a day, until improvement. feel free to massageso that the product penetrates deep into the skin.

Take care of yourself and your health;