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How to report a claim to your home insurance?

You are the victim of a loss in your residence and wish to declare it to your insurer. Obviously, this is the best approach if you want your insurance company to cover its costs. However, such an approach requires certain formalities and procedures. Of course, failure to follow this process can compromise your chances of being compensated. Find out how to report a claim.

Home insurance claim: use the right means of communication

To notify a home insurance claim, three approaches are generally possible. In fact, you can use your customer area. This is a virtual personal session reserved for the insured. This space is accessible from the insurance company’s website or application. It is therefore an official channel that allows you to declare a claim.

The second approach is to join by phone his insurer in order to notify the damage suffered by the dwelling. In this regard, once the call has been made, your contact person will redirect you, if necessary, to the person in charge of registering your request. The third option for declaring a claim is to move to his insurance company. This approach guarantees direct contact with the insurer and a much more exhaustive notification of the claim.

However, it is recommended to favor a declaration by registered mail accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt. This notification document is deposited directly at the head office of the insurance agency. Finally, you must then make a copy which will be given to your broker or the usual person in charge of the contract.

Properly fill in the information relating to the claim

It is common to see some policyholders be victims of late compensation after a home claim. Sometimes this situation occurs when you fill in incomplete information. However, it is strongly recommended to provide a detailed damage report to benefit from good coverage, and this, in a short time. The necessary information includes, among others:

  • your identification information and your address,
  • the number corresponding to your insurance contract,
  • the detailed description of the incident (nature, date, place, time, etc.),
  • the quantified inventory of destroyed real estate,
  • an exhaustive description of the material or bodily damage according to their importance.
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Similarly, your insurance declaration must take into account any damage caused to neighbors as well as their contact details.

Comply with the claim reporting deadline

After noting the damage to your home, you have a formal deadline to communicate the damage suffered to your insurer. This margin also varies according to the nature of the losses. So, in the event of a theft or burglary, you have two days to report the finding to your insurance agency.

For fire or water damage, you have a period of five days to make your statement. In the case of a natural disaster, the victim can report it within an interval of 10 days. In the latter case, it is also recommended to wait for a ministerial decree published in the Official Journal before submitting a declaration of the incident.

In addition, some insurance companies offer their customers much longer deadlines. This option allows the insured to have a certain margin to notify the claim on the accommodation. However, in case of confusion, refer to your insurance contract. You are then sure of meet the deadline.

Home claim declaration: some additional precautions to take

In the event of a claim, having certain reflexes facilitates the declaration to the insurer. Indeed, it is advisable to constitute the different elements that prove the existence and also the value of the destroyed or stolen goods. These include, among others:

  • invoices or warranties,
  • some pictures,
  • testimonials from third parties if you have received goods as gifts, etc.

In addition, do not forget to send your insurer the receipt of the filing of a complaint in the event of burglary in your residence. At last, above all, be careful not to alter damaged goods by the disaster. These must be left as they are for expertise.

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Of course, taking all these precautions into account guarantees that you make a clear and fair claim declaration. You are then sure to benefit from adequate care and fair compensation.