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How to reduce varicose veins naturally?

Unsightly, varicose veins generally lodge along the legs. They are very common, especially in women. If it is quite difficult to dislodge them once installed, it is however possible to make them less visible and reduce pain with natural remedies. Focus on natural treatments to reduce varicose veins effectively.

Varicose veins: how to reduce them? (9 natural treatments)

Phytotherapy to reduce varicose veins

red vine

The red vine is a must to fight against circulatory disorders, such as heavy legs, or even swollen feet. At a time vasoprotective and antioxidant, it considerably reduces the feeling of heaviness in the legs and tones the veins. In short, it is the ideal plant to soothe venous congestion of all kinds!

Take 5 drops of red vine bud macerate by day, during 3 weeks. Then take a week’s break, then resume the treatment if necessary over 3 months.

herbal medicine to reduce varicose veins

horse chestnut

Horse chestnut is considered by many to be the tree of blood circulation. blood thinner, anti-edema and vasoconstrictor, it significantly increases the resistance of blood vessels. In addition, it has properties anti-inflammatories ! The horse chestnut is thus a good natural remedy to reduce varicose veins.

Take 5 drops of macerate of buds horse chestnut turkey by day, during 3 weeks. Then take a week’s break, as for the red vine, then resume the treatment if necessary over 3 months.

Aromatherapy to reduce varicose veins

Italian helichrysum essential oil

Italian helichrysum essential oil helps treat circulatory disorders, including varicose veins. Thanks to his anti-coagulant and anti-phlebitic, it greatly invigorates the blood circulation. It is also indicated in case of heavy legs or oedema.

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For external use, dilute 2 drops of italian helichrysum in ten drops ofarnica vegetable oil. Gently massage the area affected by the varicose veins, at the rate of 2 to 3 times a day. Repeat the treatment as needed. Please note that Italian helichrysum essential oil should under no circumstances be administered to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is also contraindicated for children under 12 months of age and for people taking anticoagulant treatment.

essential oil to reduce varicose veins

Hirudotherapy to reduce varicose veins

Have you ever heard of hirudotherapy? It’s about a practice ancestral which is based on the use of leeches for medicinal purposes. Hirudotherapy unfortunately remains uncommon in France. However, it is tending to become more democratic.

It is true that hirudotherapy does not inspire confidence at first sight. There are many people who, in fact, remain wary of the use of such little beasts. Yet leeches would be very useful in the management of varicose veins, and more generally, circulatory problems. The reason ? Leeches have the ability to drain the blood.

Note that hirudotherapy must absolutely be performed by a qualified specialist and in impeccable hygienic conditions.

The right steps to prevent varicose veins

Avoid the hot

Heat is an enemy of blood circulation. This is why it is better, for example, to avoid baths that are too hot in the event of varicose veins! Furthermore, the scottish shower is strongly indicated in case of circulatory disorders. This is a method that involves alternate warm jets and cold jets before finishing the shower. The Scottish shower not only helps to strengthen the vein walls, but also to stimulate blood circulation.

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Adopt the correct posture

It is imperative to chase away all the bad habits that promote the formation of varicose veins, starting with correct posture ! To prevent the appearance of varicose veins, it is particularly recommended to avoid of cross your legs when you are seated. It is also advisable not to wear pants too tightwhich may affect blood circulation.

Good to know: shoes with excessively high heels and excessively flat shoes are not recommended in case of varicose veins.

Wear compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings is very usefulin particular, if one has to stay sitting for a long timein case of travel by plane, for example. Speaking of airplanes, it is important to move your feet and legs regularly during the flight. The ideal is to move them every hour!

Practice regular physical activity

Sport is a formidable weapon for restart the circulatory system. In the event of blood circulation problems, a sedentary lifestyle is therefore the enemy to be defeated!

To reduce varicose veins, or even better, prevent them, walk at least one thirties minutes per day. Moreover, if you have the possibility, do not hesitate to practice a sports physical activitysuch as hiking or swimming, or relaxing, such as yoga or pilates.

woman raising her legs

Elevate the legs while lying down

Elevating the legs while lying down is a habit to take to reduce varicose veins. This is a gesture which, although very simple, greatly contributes to improving blood circulation.

To do this, simply place a cousin or one pillow under your calvesat night, or else, at siesta time.

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Take care of yourself and your health;