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How to lose weight in 15 days?

The arrival of sunny days, a sports competition, or simply the desire to feel better about your body… many things can make you want to lose weight quickly. However, is it possible to lose weight quickly, without putting yourself in danger? Overview of the tips you absolutely need to know to lose weight in 15 days.

Lose weight in 15 days: it’s possible! (10 tips)

Have a full breakfast

Golden rule n°1 to lose weight effectively and quickly: breakfast is sacred! the breakfast is the meal the more important of the day, it’s no secret. It is moreover the meal that brings usenergy needed to serenely apprehend the morning, then out of the question to skip it.

In case of weight loss, it is recommended to have a breakfast, neither too rich nor too light. The perfect breakfast should include:

  • A hot beverage : either black coffee or unsweetened tea;
  • A fresh fruit : the main thing is to choose a seasonal fruit;
  • A small jar of cottage cheese : it is preferable to opt for 0% fromage blanc;
  • A starchy : one or two slices of wholemeal bread, or else, porridge made from muesli.

Choose foods rich in fiber and protein

The fibers are important for the digestion : yes, but not only! They are also essential to keep the line. Indeed, foods high in fiber are, for the most part, low in calories. The proteinfor their part, help to fight against muscle breakdown when losing weight.

mixed salad inspired by the Mediterranean diet

Do not skip meals

On paper, it is true that skipping a few meals to lose weight can be a tempting idea: by not eating, not only do we not ingest calories, but in addition, we force our body to draw on our reserves. fat faster. Obviously, it’s a fake good idea ! And for good reason, it is when we deprive our body of a sufficient calorie intake, that it begins to function in “starvation mode”, and to store the little food that we provide to it in the form of fat. in order to prepare for the next deprivation. In short, skipping meals is totally counter productive !

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Avoid ultra-processed foods, too sweet, too salty

Unfortunately, or rather I should say fortunately, no one has yet invented the “junkfood diet” that allows you to lose weight in a week. But rest assured, however: weight loss does not rhyme with ultra restrictive diet! You just have to be careful to avoid certain types of food, such as:

  • The delicatessen : ham, sausage, and so on…
  • The crackers : chickpea or lentil crisps low in salt and fat are a good alternative to potato crisps;
  • Cakes stuffed with sugar;
  • And more generally: industrial food, far too rich in sugarsin saltand in additives harmful to health.

Drink water before each meal

We can never repeat it enough, but the only drink that we can consume without moderation, whether we want to lose weight or not, is water! To feel faster satiatedit is recommended to drink a large glass half an hour before each meal. Thus, even before you start eating, the stomach will already be filled with liquid.

Good to know: water can also be a good appetite suppressant between meals.

Ban alcohol

Most alcoholic beverages not only contain a lot of calories, but also inhibit fat breakdown. Simply put, when we drink alcohol, our body focuses entirely on breaking down the alcohol, not the protein and carbohydrates. Fats are thus almost never used to produce energy! To lose weight quickly, it is therefore essential to give up alcohol.

Prefer black coffee

For many people, stopping coffee for even a few weeks is simply unthinkable. Fortunately, drinking coffee and losing weight, well: it’s not not inconsistent ! It is, in fact, quite possible to drink coffee during weight loss. It is however necessary to pass (if it is not already done) to black coffee, that is to say, to coffee Sugar free and without milk.

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Practice a physical activity

To lose weight in 15 days, there is no secret: you must play sports ! Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to train for hours and hours at the gym to lose weight quickly. A little physical effort, such as running, cycling or walking, can sometimes be enough, provided of course that you practice every day.

woman running to lose weight in 15 days

get enough sleep

Sleep contributes to the proper functioning of the body. At night, when we are deeply asleep, our cells regenerate and toxins are filtered and eliminated. And to do that, our body needs energy, which it gets from existing fat stores. Getting enough sleep is essential to find the line.

Learn to recognize “real” hunger

Whether to gain or lose weight, it is important to learn to distinguish the physiological hunger of the hunger psychological. In principle, physiological hunger, in other words “real” hunger, occurs when our body needs food. Hunger can then be expressed by different signals, such as tightness in the stomach, a rumbling belly, a little bit of fatigue… Conversely, so-called “psychological” hunger does not come from the body, but from the head: the need to eat is not present, but the desire is there.

Take care of yourself;