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How to learn animal communication?

Most people with pets would like to exchange messages with them. This is a legitimate wish, especially since the fact of being able to communicate with animals makes it possible to better understand them. Some individuals have natural predispositions to do so. However, animal communication is generally learned. Discover the important aspects associated with this topic!

Do a training to learn animal communication

The animal communication is a kind of non-verbal dialogue that does not use words. No sound is actually emitted in the process of this communication. It is a language created by telepathy between human and animal. This form of communication requires practice to master.

In other words, you have to get trained to become a communicator animal. For this, there are professional training centers dedicated to learning animal communication.

The courses given in such centers make it possible to acquire the skills essential to animal dialog. In general, the training extends over months. It can take about 4 months. Classes can also take place face-to-face and online. During the whole trainingyou can also benefit from a personalized educational follow-up from the professional animal communicator.

How to communicate with animals?

It is customary to be trained to learn how to communicate with animals. Thanks to the achievements of a professional training, you discover the key steps that allow you to get there. The first phase of learning animal communication is calledanchoring. It essentially translates the fact of putting oneself in confidence and security.

The second step is that ofopening of the heart. It consists of opening up to the world in order to be in full connection with all living things. To achieve this, you must first learn to remove the unconscious blockages which are, among other things, fears and all other limiting beliefs.

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The third phase is that of relaxation. Indeed, one must have a fairly calm mind to perceive subtle information. Animal communication is a somewhat convoluted dialogue. You then need to be relaxed enough to indulge in it. To achieve such a state of relaxation, frequently practice meditation, yoga, breathing exercises or sophrology.

The fourth phase consists of you connect with your pet to start communicating with him. However, before undertaking the practice of these steps, you must first know the different types of animal communication.

The different types of animal communication

In concrete terms, there are two variants of animal communication: “soul-to-soul” communication and communication carried out directly via a photo. Like Reiki for animals, this practice can be used to understand animal health problems.

Soul-to-soul communication

Called again intuitive communication or telepathic, animal communication has the principle of establishing a link between the animal and the human. The goal remains to succeed in improving the relationship between the two species through exchanges via telepathy. It is therefore a priori a communication from soul to soul. The word animal comes from the Latin “anima” which translates to soul.

The soul to soul communication is therefore an intuitive exchange that allows telepathic contact directly with the animal. It is a voiceless dialogue that takes place face-to-face. In other words, you must be in the presence of your animal in order to carry out this intuitive communication with him.

Directly via a photo

A session of animal communication also takes place from a distance. With the help of a photo, it is possible to establish telepathic contact with your animal. However, said photo must be a recent view in which the gaze of the animal is observed.

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When taking contact is carried out by a professional animal communicator, the latter needs the name of the animal. He also needs that of his guardian. It will also ask you the age of the animal and to start, three questions that you want to ask the latter.

In essence, the animal communication is done mind to mind. It is a transmission of information that takes place between two consciousnesses. Note that however it is performed, it may last longer or shorter. The time it will take generally depends on the seriousness of the situation to be treated.

In reality, when there are many questions, there are also many answers to consider. Communication will then take longer.

A woman communicating with her pet

Will I hear them when communicating?

During a session of animal communication, it is possible to hear a voice speaking to you. It’s like picking up a phone call. Conversation can take place with words that are transmitted to your mind. Most of the time, animal communication is carried out in particular thanks to:

  • images ;
  • noises ;
  • smells;
  • physical feelings;
  • or other emotional sensations.

In general, these are the feelings emotional and physical that are actually translated by the animal communicator. This is why we speak of intuitive communication. However, sometimes the animal does not agree to communicate.

In this case, you will not get a message. Most professional animal communicators always ask the animal if it accepts the communication before starting the process.

Animal communication: Is there scientific evidence?

Animal communication is essentially based on telepathy. This psychic manifestation is a phenomenon that scientists are still trying to understand. Several experiments have been carried out in this regard. The results attested that telepathy is indeed a real fact. Some books have also shown the existence of this phenomenon. However, few reliable studies have really been done on telepathy between humans and animals.

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The science recognizes the fact that animals can express themselves. The latter probably do not master human language. However, they have their own way of communicating. The question is: is their way of dialogue really perceptible to the mind of a human?

To this question, science has not yet provided a clear enough answer. As a result, there is currently no concrete scientific evidence to support the existence of animal communication. Nevertheless, this does not exclude the fact that this communication exists and is practiced.

Learning animal communication: some useful tips

Mastering animal communication is not a Steps fast. It takes time and above all exercise. If you want to achieve this, then you have to be patient. To test your assimilation skills, often ask your pet for information and then try to verify it. In this way, you manage to be a little more confident in your approach.

Above all, never try to force communication when the animal doesn’t want it. Animals are like human beings. They can sometimes want to be alone, without conversation. Moreover, when you ask your pet a question, it is possible that the answer will come to you a little later.

So don’t panic if it doesn’t happen immediately. Also, it should be noted that a particular bond with the animal is not necessary to engage in conversation with him. However, the existence of a link can still make things easier.