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How to have less thick hair? 7 natural methods

While women with fine hair dream of volume, women with thick hair want more than anything to get rid of it. How to have less thick hair? Focus on the most effective natural methods to manage to tame too voluminous hair.

7 good actions to adopt to have less thick hair

Focus on hydration

Hydration is the key to having less voluminous hair. And for good reason, the lack of hydration is often the cause of hair that is too thick! This is why it is important to nourish them and repair them with appropriate care.

To begin with, it is essential to integrate a pre-shampoo treatment to her hair routine. It consists of applying either a mask or a hair oil bath, half an hour before the shampoo. Note that the care can be applied several hours before the shampoo. Among the vegetable oils ideal for thick hair, we find in particular argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

On the shampoo side, you have to use a gentle shampoopreferably natural, for dry hair and brittle.

coconut oil for thinning hair

Adopt a special “less volume” shampoo routine

In the shower, in addition to favoring a mild shampoo, it is important to take care of your hair, especially when rinsing. The rule of thumb is to always finish the rinse withCold water. The explanation? Hot water opens the hair scales. It thus cancels all the benefits of anti-volume treatments. Conversely, cold water tightens the hair scales. It thus makes the hair less voluminous and protects it, at the same time, from most of the external attacks. Exit hot water, make way for cold water!

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Dry your hair with a microfiber towel

For drying, it is preferable to opt for a microfiber towel, with which it will be necessary to dab the hair so as to dry it delicately. It is absolutely necessary to avoid sudden movements: in particular, you must refrain from rubbing your hair too vigorously with the towel!

To speed up drying, do not hesitate to wrap her haira few minutes, in the towel.

Prefer drying in the open air to have less thick hair

In case of too thick hair, the ideal is the drying in the open air. It is therefore advisable to avoid the hair dryer! However, if you cannot do without it, it is possible to select the“cold” option hair dryer so as not to attack the hair fiber too much. Otherwise, another solution: opt for a Streamera device more respectful of the hair.

woman who uses a diffuser so as not to have too much volume in her hair

Sleep with your hair tied up

Unless you shampoo the next morning, you should never sleep with your hair loose. Between our movements and the rubbing on the pillow, our hair is put to the test at night! For sleeping, the most suitable hairstyles are the high bun and the braided. It is best to use a soft elastic, which does not risk breaking the hair during the night. In short, a simple method to avoid waking up with an indomitable mane!

Opt for a tapered cut at the hairdresser

If you have too much volume, rule number 1: avoid too straight cuts, which reinforce the mass effect. We opt instead for a degraded and for tapered tips. In addition, avoid cuts that are too short, which are more difficult to tame, if you have thick hair.

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Good to know : the hairdresser can sometimes offer a thinning of wicks to lighten the hairstyle.

Make ponytails, braids and buns

On the hairstyle side, the objective is to succeed in tame the hair, while bringing style to the look. The braided has been very popular for several seasons, and that’s good: it’s the perfect hairstyle for long and thick hair! the hair bun can also make it possible to structure the cut, just like the high ponytail Where low. Do not hesitate either to bet on the hair accessories to keep control over the volume. Barrettes, scarves, clips, headbands… will be great allies to have less thick hair, at least in appearance.

Take care of yourself and your hair;