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How to choose your portable and mobile air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner cools or heats a room for reversible models. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Do not confuse the air freshener with the latter. This device is completely independent and has no air conditioning function. It is only intended for small areas. You can compare the performance indicator label to find the device that suits you best. You will be able to compare the technical characteristics, the cooling capacities, the energy consumption and the noise level. You have many options, including a quiet version, built-in scheduling, humidification and dehumidification, and a reversible model.

How does the mobile air conditioner work

The mobile air conditioner can lower the indoor temperature by a few degrees. It works like a refrigerator, since the refrigerant it contains is capable of recovering the calories present in the air and, depending on the model, condensing them or rejecting them outside through a duct.

The mobile air conditioner, usually equipped with wheels, can be moved easily from room to room as needed. It does not require any installation, unlike a fixed air conditioner.

The mobile air conditioner in its “reversible” version can also be used to heat the house in winter. The air conditioner then transforms the calories into hot air and rejects them inside the room.

portable air conditioning
portable air conditioning

There are several types of portable air conditioners

A distinction is made between mobile air conditioners and air conditioners split in the range of mobile air conditioners.

The monobloc mobile air conditioner

He is the most widespread. It combines all the functions of air conditioning in one device. Hot air is vented to the outside using a flexible duct from 100 to 150 mm.

  • It is practical and space-saving. It is also the easiest to use and the most affordable.
  • Inconvenience: its sound level is high, often between 70 and 50 dB.

This air conditioner is available in two versions: one-tube or two-tube.

A portable air conditioner double pipe has a pipe that is used for the intake of outside air and another for the evacuation of hot air. This allows a more efficient air regeneration without pressure influence and consumes less energy. However, it requires a larger exhaust duct.

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The mobile split air conditioner

It is composed of two units which are connected by flexible conduits.

  • The outdoor unit contains compressor and condenser.
  • She carries the heat outside via a flexible hose. This provides the refrigeration connection.


  • Quieter than packaged portable air conditioners, with indoor sound levels of 40 to 30 dB.
  • The indoor unit is smaller and lighter than a monobloc air conditioner.


  • Outdoor units can cause noise pollution, especially in buildings.
  • It is more difficult to move than a one-piece air conditioner because the two units must always be connected.
  • he is also cheaper.
Setting up a portable air conditioner
Setting up a portable air conditioner

Air conditioner or mobile air cooler?

Although it can lower the temperature a few degrees, the chiller is not an air conditioner.

It consists of a fan andan ice or water container which allows rapid cooling.

It works on the principle of condensation: thehot air is sucked in and passes through a filter, which is moistened by the water in the tank. The room fan then rejects it, and releases the coolness by evaporation.

Its autonomy depends on the capacity of the water tank.

Advantages :

  • It needs low maintenanceand does not require refrigerant gas.
  • He is not very energeticwith a current consumption of less than 100 watts.
  • He is simple to install. Just plug it in and fill the water tank.


  • You cannot set a temperature The desired temperature in the room.
  • It can be used in rooms up to 30 m2.
  • He is as loud as a fan .

It is less efficient than an air conditioner and needs to be filled with fresh water or ice frequently.

How much power is needed to run a portable air conditioner?

The power of a portable air conditioner must be adapted to the space in which it will be used. An air cooler has a similar power, . A device that is too small would cause it to run at full capacity and cause excessive power consumption.

  • The cooling capacity of the mobile air conditioner

Cooling capacity is usually expressed in kW/h.

For a ceiling height of 2.50 m, the power required is approximately 100 W per square meter.

  • From 1 to 20 m2: 100 to 2000 W
  • 21 to 40% m2 – between 2,100 and 4,000 W
  • From 41 to 60% m2 – between 4,100 and 6,000 W
  • More than 60 m2 – more than 6000 W
  • The cooling capacity of the air chiller
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The effectiveness of the air cooler is limited to small areas. Refer to manufacturer’s specifications to determine the area the unit is intended for.

If the room to be cooled is to have large bay windows or south-facing windows, the chiller or air conditioner should be larger.

The British thermal unit, or BTU/h, can also be used to express cooling capacity. Simply divide the capacity in BTUs by 3415 to find the equivalent capacity in kWh.

A living room with a portable air conditioner
A living room with a portable air conditioner

Mobile air conditioner performance indicators

It is important to understand the performance indicators of your air conditioner before purchasing it. This information can be found on the label that accompanies it.

  • The overall energy class or classification: The mobile air conditioners can be classified according to their energy consumption, from A (very efficient) to G (energy intensive), or from A++ or D.
  • L energy consumed for one hour of air conditioning (in Kw/h).
  • cooling power in kWh
  • Seasonal cooling efficiency (SEER) matches the performance and longevity of an air conditioner. They range from A+++ toindicating best to worst performance.
  • The sound level expressed in decibels.

Three additional indicators appear on the label that accompanies the reversible air conditioners.

  • The performance ofa reversible air conditioner in heating mode are determined by the SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance). They range from A++ to Afrom best to worst performance.
  • heating capacity in KW/h.
  • Energy consumed to heat one hour (in KW/h).

The comfort options available with the portable air conditioner

Depending on the use and conditions of use of the device, some of the comfort options of the air conditioners Where air fresheners mobiles may become essential.

  • the built-in scheduler allows you to set a temperature, program a delayed start or program cooling cycles. This feature can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Some mobile air conditioners can also be connected to be controlled remotely via smartphone and tablet.
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To avoid thermal shock, the temperature set point should not be more than 8 degrees Celsius lower than the outside temperature.

  • According to the manufacturer, the silence option (also called “Quiet”, “Sleep” or “Night Mode”, allows you to gradually reduce the power of your air conditioner, which will then drop below 20 dB.
  • Some air conditioners they have a option to humidify the air. Some mobile air conditioners may dehumidify the air of the room.
  • Of the filters additional can be used for purify the air in mobile air conditioners. The activated carbon filters are effective against bad odors, while electrostatic filters retain dirt and bacteria.
  • Air lionization: This technique consists of purify the air with negative ions generated in large quantities.
  • Some portable air conditioners can be converted using fan mode.
  • The remote allows you to control your mobile air conditioner or air cooler from anywhere, without having to travel.
  • The timer allows you to program the start and stop of the air conditioner.

How to install a portable air conditioner

Installation is simple regardless of the type of mobile air conditioner.

  • To refresh the room, you have to install a monobloc mobile air conditioner. It can be used as an auxiliary heater or a mobile auxiliary heater. It should be placed as close as possible to the window or the exhaust vents provided for the air extraction pipes.
  • The mobile split air conditioner should be placed near the openings, because the two units (indoor or outdoor) are connected by a flexible conduit of about three meters. The ducts can be easily removed for easy moving or storing the unit when not in use.

The unit will perform better if the evacuation circuit is shorter. Too long a drain circuit can cause condensation and mold.

Maintenance of mobile air conditioner

He is easy to maintain a portable air conditioner. It all comes down to regular cleaning and emptying of the water collection cassette.

Descale your air conditioner every year.

When the season is over, unplug the unit and put it in ventilation mode for a few more hours to dry the pipes and ducts.