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How to choose the right senior health insurance?

Seniors now have to devote a larger share of their budget to health expenditure due to longer life expectancy. Insurance companies offer health insurance formulas specific to seniors in order to better cover a number of age-related expenses. However, it is good to validate a certain number of points before choose health insurance if you are over 60.

Senior Mutual: What is it?

The senior mutual is a complementary health insurance contract that offers protection more suited to the elderly. In the event of an accident or illness, the health insurance covers or reimburses medical expenses not covered by the country’s health insurance. In general, redemption limits apply.

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Why choose a mutual dedicated to seniors?

Seniors over the age of 75 represent 9% of the population and nearly 20% of overall health expenditure. Retirees often have recourse to specialists more frequently than the average French person, their fees can often be higher. It is advisable to take out senior health insurance which offers appropriate cover to help meet the costs of ageing.

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Note: senior mutuals do not ask for a medical questionnaire to subscribe.

When is the best time to buy senior insurance?

Seniors can request to take out senior mutual insurance as soon as they reach the legal retirement age. It is better to subscribe early, because the level of the contribution for health insurance changes with age.

The advantages of the senior mutual

A senior mutual has many advantages:

  • Offer a coverage and guarantee adaptations to the situation of seniors
  • Some insurance contracts also cover spa treatments and other acts that are not normally covered by Social Security.
  • Seniors can benefit from all the guarantees offered by senior mutuals, including the lifetime guarantee.
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The contract may provide a gradual increase in contributionseither annually or per period.

How to choose the right senior health insurance?

You need to consider these factors to choose the right senior insurance policy:

  • First, you need to consider the amount of refunds and whether or not there is a timeout
  • Reimbursement of hospitalization, optical and dental care costs.
  • To cover the risk of dependency, some mutuals offer a loss of autonomy insurance.

How to choose the right senior health insurance?

The senior health insurance market is very competitive. The options are many and can often be adjusted to suit your needs. Here are the tips to help you choose the best senior insurance for your particular case.

Define your health needs

Take stock of your health expenses and list your needs with a view to the future. Many insurers offer flexible and customizable contracts that allow you to add or subtract guarantees.

Modify the guarantees of your mutual insurance contract

This will allow you to save money on your senior insurance contract.

Compare mutual insurance comparisons

To get an idea of ​​the offers available, do not hesitate to visit the websites that offer comparisons of senior health mutuals. However, you should not rely on them to make your final decision. They are often not independent.

How much does senior insurance cost?

The annual premium for senior health insurance is almost twice as high as that for supplementary health insurance for 25-45 year olds.

  • 1,490 for 66-75 year olds
  • 1,475 euros for people over 75.
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