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How to choose the right parasol?

To protect yourself from the sun, it is customary to equip yourself with a parasol. This is available in several models. Therefore, it is not always easy to choose yours. Fortunately, there are tricks to achieve this. Here’s how to choose the right parasol.

Take into account the surface to be protected

To choose the right parasol, you must first take into account the surface to protect. This will allow you to define the shape and size of your shelter of protection. Although it is generally rectangular, be aware that the Beach umbrella can be round, square or even triangular.

To choose the right shape and size, you need to consider thewingspan and the surface ofshady. As a reference guide, remember that a square parasol of 4×3 meters on a side has a shade surface of 12 m2. Also note that the round parasol is suitable for small spaces and round tables.

Consider umbrella mobility

Outside of the surface to protect, you must also consider the mobility umbrella to make your choice. For this, you will have the choice between a straight, offset or wall-mounted parasol.

the straight umbrella is the model most classic. It is perfect for a table with a central hole. You can also install it between two deckchairs. However, the right parasol is not very modular.

the cantilever parasol meanwhile, stands out for its large dimensions. It is therefore suitable for large surfaces. The cantilever umbrella tilts and rotates 360°. Thus, it will follow the sun and cover the surface throughout the day.

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the wall umbrella finally has 180° mobility. It is equipped with a telescopic arm which is placed horizontally in relation to the wall. The wall parasol is perfect for small areas.

Consider the parasol fabric

To choose the right parasol, you must also take into account the cloth. The latter must have the protective capacity and the resistance from shelter. The quality of the parasol fabric depends primarily on its weight Where weight. To make the right choice, you must opt ​​for a canvas with a weight of at least 250-300 g/m².

In addition to the weight, you will also need to consider the matter of the parasol fabric. For this, you will have the choice between the polyesterI’acrylic and the cotton.

Consider the price of the umbrella

The last criterion you will consider when choosing your parasol is the price. For this, you will obviously refer to your budget. Be aware, however, that the price of this equipment varies between 20 and 9,000 €.

The price of the parasol depends on the typologyof the mobility and some technology. Thus, the more a parasol is sophisticated, the higher its cost. Although expensive, investing in equipment top of the line will allow you to enjoy several advantages.