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How to choose the best sofa bed?

The sofa bed is a very useful piece of furniture, because it serves both as a seat and as a bed. It is perfect for optimizing space in a home. Are you planning to buy a sofa bed? To make the best choice of this furniture, it is necessary to study many elements. The goal is to make a purchase that is perfectly suited to your needs, your desires and the style of your home.

Take into account the different types of sofa beds

Invest in a sofa bed is a good option if you have a space enough reduced and that it is impossible for you to place both a bed and a sofa. Generally speaking, there are many bed categories. There are the benches clic-clac or BZ types and sofas. The latter represent traditional equipment that houses a sleeping device separated from the seat. This is the divan model where a bed has been added to give it a bed look. This sofa bed model has the style and look of a real seat.

The BZ type sofas and click-clac are similar to mattresses rolled up and provided withand covers. Compared to ordinary sofas, BZ furniture looks less aesthetic. However, these models of sofa cost less to acquire. With the sofa bed of the BZ type, the mattress is perpendicular to a wall support. With the model clickclack, the bedding is placed parallel to a wall. The benches have the advantage of being easy to unfold.

Check the dimensions of the sofa bed

Before you start buying a sofabedyou should have a measuring tool to take the exact dimensions of the place where you want to place your furniture. Ditto for a sofa bed. The depth and width are not to be neglected. Take into account the width of the sofa once it is folded or unfolded. This lets you know the total space occupied by your furniture. Be aware that clutter is an important element.

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If in doubt, feel free to test dimensions and sizes before purchasing. Of course, it all depends on your expectations, but also think about the spacing of the front door so that the piece of furniture can be introduced into the room easily. Sofa beds are available in all dimensions and sizes. You will undoubtedly find the model that suits you.

Check the quality of the sofa bedding and its price

A sofa or not has the main function of ensuring seating comfort. This is why it is necessary to choose a piece of furniture suitable for your selection criteria in terms of comfort : with or without headrest, with or without armrests, firm, soft, etc. In addition, unlike what many imagine, most models of couch beds offer the same seating comfort as stationary sofas.

Price and budget also come into play when purchasing sofa beds. Depending on your financial capacities, you have the possibility of finding a sofa beds offering you optimal comfort. However, buying such equipment also depends on what you want to use it for. Indeed, if you need to introduce your furniture in a habitat secondary or vacation, bet on a sofa at a low price.

Choose a sofa bed with the right thickness

When it comes to the quality of the bedding or seat, there is a fundamental element to consider: the usefulness of your furniture. Would you like to use your sleeping couch every day? Or do you want to buy a sofabed only to use it as an extra bed?

In any case, it is best to opt for a sleeping model that adapts to your needs in everyday life. The use of your sofa bedding may depend on the quality and thickness of the bedding. Therefore, a sleeping about 5 cm or more is more than enough for occasional use. On the other hand, if you plan to use your sofa bed on a regular basis, choose a bed with a thickness of at least 12 cm. For more durability, prefer a mattress 16 cm or 20 cm thick depending on your budget. The goal is to bet on a mattress high density to enjoy optimal comfort.

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