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How to choose a good mason for his work?

Construction and renovation work requires expertise to be done well. Consequently, this task cannot be entrusted to just any worker. You have to choose your mason carefully. Here you will find some tips for selecting a professional in the trade.

Define your project in advance

Before you go looking for skilled mason, you must first define your project. For all masonry work, the internet offers you sites, where you can for example compare prices with several quotes. The masons intervene in fact in several fields and do not have skills identical. Some do construction work and others just do renovations. Likewise, not all masons are capable of taking on a large-scale project. Therefore, it is important to define the types of work that will be entrusted to the mason before you start looking for him.

Investigate the Mason’s fame and credentials

There’s a rule in the middle of professionals which asks not to rely solely on qualifications. It is necessary, in addition to these, to find out about the notoriety of the worker. This is done through word of mouth. If a mason has a good reputation, it is necessarily because he is doing a satisfactory job. It is therefore advisable to inquire with the neighborhood and choose a worker who has already worked for them. We then have an idea of ​​the level efficiency of this mason. Failing to take information from your neighbors, you can go on the internet. The web allows you to find professional masons, according to your expectations. They are rated by their customers according to several criteria, including satisfaction. You will only have to choose the best rated.

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Find out about the mason’s business

It is important to have information on the mason chosen, but also on the company to which he belongs. To do this, you will only have to ask him to show you his craftsman card. It is possible to proceed otherwise by telephoning the commercial court or the chamber of trades of the department. Additional information to take about the mason’s business is its legal status and financial. There are websites where you can find this information.

Consider warranty and insurance

Before starting the work, you must check whether it is covered by a guarantee and a insurance. To this end, the mason must guarantee that the deadlines set for the work according to the contract will be respected. Similarly, he must have insurance certificates that you will ask him to present to you. The mason to whom you intend to entrust the work must first take out ten-year insurance. In case of damage, cracks or poor workmanship when the work is completed, you can demand repairs without going to court.

Analyze the proposed prices

The budget aspect must be addressed before the start of the work. You will explain to the mason’s company the exact sum that you reserve for the services. The company will then be able to provide you with an estimate. The latter must present the hourly rate of the worker, the quality of the materials as well as the types of finishes. Different companies will offer you different rates. Choose the one with the best value for money.

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