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How to change health insurance easily?

Mutuals are non-profit organizations. They function with the contributions of their members who benefit from all kinds of assistance (health or professional). However, membership in a health insurance fund is not for life, since you can change it at any time. So what can you do to change your health insurance successfully? Response elements !

Easy change of health insurance when the contract expires

In application of the Chatel law, if you wish easily change insurance at the end of your contract, you must inform your insurer with due notice. In this case, send him your request as soon as possible by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

According to the Chatel law, your insurer is obliged to send you a notice of expiry 75 days before the deadline for terminating your contract. This notice must then be sent to you before October 15 if the expiry date of your complementary health insurance is January 1. For your part, you must send a registered termination letter with acknowledgment of receipt at least 2 months before January 1, i.e. before October 31.

Easily change your health insurance during the year

Certain situations make it easy to change mutual health insurance without waiting for a specific date.

First, when you find a job, you have the possibility of subscribing to your company’s complementary insurance. By making this decision, you can easily cancel the mutual health insurance that you had taken out individually.

Then, when you move, you can also easily cancel your health insurance. However, moves between two homes less than 300 meters apart have no impact on mutual health insurance. In this case, they are entitled to refuse you the termination.

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Also, when you get married, divorce or you welcome a child, you can easily cancel your complementary health insurance according to the law. Finally, the mutual can be terminated easily in the event ofrate increase. If you find yourself in one or other of these situations, you can change your mutual insurance. To do this, it is necessary to notify your insurer with a letter of cancellation from mutual insurance by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. From the receipt of the mail, the insurer will have to cancel the contract put in place within one month. There will only remain a monthly installment to pay. For people who have paid insurance contributions for the year, the insurer will have to reimburse them on a pro rata basis.

Furthermore, the right to retract, also called the right of renunciation, allows you to easily terminate a mutual health insurance taken out on the internet. However, you must do so within 14 days of accepting the offer. To do this, simply send a registered letter to your insurer. He will have 30 days to reimburse you for the health insurance contribution already paid.

Change your mutual for a more interesting contract

Changing health insurance easily means carrying out several actions together to avoid finding yourself without protection. In the first place, take stock of your needs current. Then, take a close look at the detailed guarantees of your complementary health contract to assess what no longer suits you. In parallel, find out the due date of your contract to identify when you will send your termination letter.

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In short, once these first steps have been completed, start looking for a new contract better suited to replace the old one. Whatever the evolution of your situation and/or your needs, comparing several contracts with competing organizations is the approach to follow. In fact, whether you pay less for your mutual insurance company or upgrade your guarantees, this approach to new membership must follow the same objective: that of finding the best suitable cover/price ratio.