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How to become a nurse? Know everything

To care for patients and ensure their well-being, the nurse must not consider herself solely as an employee. She must make her job a passion, and exercise it with total dedication to health. If you also dream of putting your charisma at the service of others, you can become a nurse and have a long career. To find out how to get there and the steps to follow, find all the useful information here.

Understand the nursing profession and the skills required

Before committing to studies or training to become a nurse, you must ensure that you are making the right decision. And for that, you must really know the job and the missions to be fulfilled. To give you an idea of ​​this, remember that a nurse’s vocation is to plan and provide care to patients on the prescription of a doctor. She may also provide supervision for nursing assistants. However, the work and duties of a nurse could vary depending on the institution or status.

Similarly, to properly fulfill her mission, a nurse must respect the rules of the profession and comply with all requirements. This starts with clothing and uniform. By enrolling in a training school, you must therefore already think about your white coat, your medical pants, your tunics, etc. When the time is right, you can easily get it on label-blouse.net. You will find multiple models, suitable for all trades and all individuals.

a nurse in a doctor's office
A nurse in a doctor’s office

Do not forget either that a nurse must distinguish herself by her qualities. For this job, here are the required and essential skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and a sense of communication with everyone;
  • Ease of establishing a relationship of trust with patients;
  • Empathy and open-mindedness to better follow patients;
  • Have a team spirit to work in collaboration with doctors, patients, nurses and any caregivers;
  • Have good mental and physical health to meet all mental and physical requirements.
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Education or training needed to become a nurse

To become a nurse, you must take a course. Therefore, you must enroll in one of the 350 Nursing Training Institutes (IFSI) in France. Accessible to baccalaureate holders, they offer three years of training and issue a Bac+3 diploma, recognized by the State.

As far as the courses are concerned, they generally include a theoretical teaching in alternation, as well as a practical teaching. The latter begins with internships and will allow you to validate nursing skills. You will also learn human and social sciences, as well as nursing sciences and techniques. But if you wish, do not hesitate to continue your studies in order to validate a master’s degree in clinical nursing sciences.

At the end of your training, you will obtain the Diplôme d’Etat d’Infirmier (DEI). This will allow you to practice as a nurse in general care, or to access nursing specializations such as: nurse anesthetist (IADE), operating theater nurse (IBODE) and childcare nurse. Depending on your projects, you can also go to other disciplines such as psychiatry, gypsotherapy, occupational health, stomatherapy, etc. All you need to do is take additional training.

Steps to take to become a nurse

To work as a nurse, you have two options. Depending on your status and your career plans, you can choose the one that suits you. Here are the two possible choices:

  • Initial training after the baccalaureate: since 2019, you no longer need to pass a competition to join the training school. You just need to hold a baccalaureate, then participate in the selection on file. In case of reorientation, you can also register;
  • Vocational retraining by competition: if you are already a nurse’s aide or childcare assistant, you can take the competition to access nursing training. But for this, a professional experience with social security contribution of at least three years remains essential.
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After your training, you can also give your career another boost by becoming an advanced practice nurse (APN). You will even be able to choose a health frame function.