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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The renovation of a bathroom is an operation that deserves the allocation of a well-established cost. This approach is the best way to restore the shine to your room. Thus, carrying out this kind of work comes down to establishing an appropriate budget. Can’t get by with this maze of numbers? Do not panic, here is an approximation of bathroom renovation prices according to specific cases.

Costs of renovating a bathroom for a budget of 1000 €

It is possible to renovate your bathroom, even with a small budget. The prices remain accessible to all. So, for less than 1000 €, you can partially renovate your bathroom, whether small, medium or large. This gives you the opportunity to renew the floor covering, walls and accessories. Note that the price of tiling varies between €20 to €60 per m². However, if it seems too large, opt for a €50 can of paint, which can cover an area of ​​10 m². Earthenware is also available from €15/m².

Be aware, however, that the renovation price can exceed the budget of 1000 €. It depends on the range of parts you plan to install. You then have the choice of entry-level materials. These should cost you on average, between €150 to €200 per m². A low-cost basin will cost you 40 €, toilets from 60 € but can cost much more for a macerator toilet for example and a sink mixer from around 30 €. Then, it will be necessary to plan the price of installation of the equipment. Installing the washbasin or the basin will cost you on average 80 € and for toilets, between 70 € and 150 €.

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Opt for the average renovation price between 1000 € and 2500 €

If you prefer to go for the average bathroom renovation, plan between €1000 and €2500. The average renovation involves the renewal of accessories, tiling and the installation of a bath or shower. The prices of these vary according to the material and the design you have chosen. For classic tub styles, you’ll find prices starting at $200.

A shower cubicle, on the other hand, costs no less than €200. Then, you have to add the prices of the other materials useful for its installation. Depending on the design and finishes chosen, a renovation with entry-level materials will cost you between €150 and €200. The mid-range will cost you between €500 and €600 per m². Finally, high-end equipment will cost you between €700 and €1,000 per m². Thus, for a bathroom of 6 m² with mid-range materials, think of a price of 2500 € minimum.

Cost of a complete renovation

Completely renovating your bathroom will require a fairly significant cost. The work of a complete renovation varies between 800 € to more than €10,000. This is the budget you need to establish. These depend on the type of renewal you plan to do. For example, renewing a 4 m² can usually only cost between €600 and €800. On the other hand, a bathroom of more than 6 m² will make you spend at least 3000 €.