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How does a thermostatic mixer work?

Would you like to change your faucet system? If so, you must opt ​​for the installation of a thermostatic mixer. It can be used instead of a mixer. This type of faucet has very interesting characteristics. In addition, it perfectly combines comfort, safety, economy and high technology. To use a thermostatic mixer, it is imperative to know how it works. Find out how this valve works here.

The Flow Maneuver

The operating principle of a thermostatic mixer is essentially based on two control handles. One of them allows you to open, close and regulate the water flow. It should be noted that the use of the latter varies from one tap to another. To find the best of the lot, do not hesitate to opt for a ceedo thermostatic mixer. On this virtual shopping site, you will not fail to find the model that best suits your budget and your needs.

With flow manoeuvre, opening, closing and water flow adjustment can be done without adjusting the temperature. However, there are varieties of thermostatic mixers that allow you to revise the water intensity downwards. This operation is ensured by air/water ratio combining equipment. Thus, you have the possibility of opting for a intensity of ten liters of water per minute. To control the water flow of this form of mixing valve, it is necessary to operate several components of the device. Here are the most defining ones from the list.

a thermostatic mixer in a shower
Thermostatic mixer in a shower

The piston

Among the equipment of the thermostatic valve is the piston. It is used to exercise dual control. The first relates to the increase in the volume of cold water. The second maneuver reduces the volume of hot water. Moreover, the piston is available in several varieties. These include cast iron, steel, stainless steel, screw-on and flange models.

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The return spring

The return spring is one of the essential components of a mixer. It also launches a double maneuver like the piston. Nevertheless, this is done in the opposite direction. You will no doubt have understood that the return spring reduces the volume of cold water and increases that of hot water.

The temperature control

To use the thermostatic mixer, you can adjust the water temperature. This command is exercised according to a graduation in degrees Celsius. Thus, the distribution of water is made according to the temperature selected by the user. However, it is important to specify that there are risks of burns associated with this maneuver. In order to avoid them, it is therefore advisable to choose thermostatic mixing valves fitted with a anti-heating system.

On the other hand, some mixers work with a warm body technology. To take advantage of it, you just have to launch it. It works with a cooling system. The hot water flows can therefore be isolated. Thus, the sources of burns are effectively limited.

The components involved in temperature control are variable. Among other things, you will find thethermostatic element and the temperature controller. The first equipment in the list is in direct association with the piston. It can either expand or contract. It depends on the heat of the distributed water. The controller is often arranged as a thermostatic dial. It is used to regulate the flows of cold and hot water.