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How does a clairvoyant by telephone manage to read the future?

Clairvoyance represents one of the most reassuring solutions that you can follow to have an idea of ​​your future. During the sessions, you can converse with a professional in the field, either face-to-face or through a telephone. However, this second option often confuses some people. Concretely, they wonder how the clairvoyant manages to read the future by telephone. Do you also ask yourself the same question? Here are some explanations that may satisfy your curiosity!

Clairvoyance by telephone: how does it work?

The clairvoyance by phone works in the same way as clairvoyance in person or by SMS. Therefore, you must first contact the indicator. The main difference of this type of clairvoyance is that the exchange takes place by telephone and not in writing.

Thus, as soon as you are in contact with the seer, she will seek to connect to your soul and to your spirit guides. In reality, in mediumship, the energy follows the same direction as the intention. The seer will therefore use her intention to connect to your mind in order to get the information she needs.

How does a clairvoyant read the future?

To get in touch with your spirit, the clairvoyant will ask you certain questions. Its purpose is to get information about you. Generally, this information differs from one psychic to another, but most often you start with the same information:

  • Your first name ;
  • your date of birth;
  • the domain on which you want to know your future, etc.

Be that as it may, know that a psychic worthy of the name will never ask you for personal data. Its goal is to get to connect with your mind to feel things that concern you. For this, beware of clairvoyants who ask you too much about the reasons for your call. In this case, it is no longer a matter of clairvoyance, but of a question/answer session.

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Normally, with a few basic elements, the clairvoyant must convey what she sees instead of telling you what you already know. These can range from simple details that will sometimes make you smile to important truths that will surprise you. This is where the strength of clairvoyance lies, because the practitioner will guess everything about your life without you giving him the slightest clue.

What are the different ways that seers can read the future?

The information does not appear in the same way in all seers. Given their sensitivity, they can therefore read the future by clairvoyance, with clairaudience or even by clairsentience.


To read the future by telephone, some clairvoyants use clairvoyance. It is an extrasensory gift that allows them to perceive phenomena beyond the usual senses used on a daily basis. To use it, the clairvoyant must first connect to your energy and feel it all around her.

Subsequently, she can see images that will reveal information about you to her. In other words, she feels kinds of flashes invisible to the naked eye that only a person who has this gift can perceive.


clairaudience also represents a method that clairvoyants use to read the future by telephone. In reality, it is a term that designates the ability to hear sounds, words or even sentences that a normal person cannot perceive. Most often, these professionals clearly pick up the messages received through an outside voice or from their own voice. In other words, seers have the ability to hear things from another dimension.

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clairsentience is a psychic gift that allows some people to see through their feelings. It is not to be confused with intuition, because it reaches a higher level than that. Seers who use this method to read the future use vibrations, energies and their emotions. The information they perceive is thus translated in the form of feeling, taste, sound or memory.

Is clairvoyance by telephone reliable?

Unlike some thoughts, clairvoyance does not require physical contact. Even during a face-to-face clairvoyance, the practitioner will use one of the methods explained above to connect to your spirit and read the future. The only difference is that you don’t pay SMS fees or communication costs during the chat. Otherwise, gazes and other physical contact add no value to the session.

According to some clairvoyants, clairvoyance by telephone would be a solution that allows them to better concentrate during the sessions. In reality, through this channel, the practitioner can benefit from a freer exchange. Gestures, looks or even communication are no longer a problem for the latter.

As a result, he feels free to concentrate on reading the future without a second thought. Moreover, he is reassured that no unforeseen reaction will disturb his session. In other words, clairvoyance by telephone allows him to better control his gift of clairvoyance to provide you with more correct answers.