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How do I know if I have home insurance?

Home insurance is compulsory for anyone wishing to sign a lease with a view to renting accommodation. Landlords have the right to demand this from you if you plan to move into a rental. To do this, you must present proof that you are covered by home insurance. What to do if you have signed a contract before, but you do not know if it is still valid? Here are some tips to help you know if you have home insurance that covers you.

Find and review your home insurance policy

the home insurance contract is a document proving that you are covered by your insurer’s company. It contains the terms of your agreement as well as all the guarantees from which you benefit. It also contains the personal identification information of both parties. There is mentioned the date of signature and duration of the contractt. It is these last two pieces of information that will allow you to find out if you still have home insurance.

The date of signature indicates the entry into force of the execution of the contract. As for the duration, it refers to the validity time. For example, if you signed the contract on February 1, 2021 and its duration is one year, then its execution ends on January 31, 2022. After this date, you no longer have home insurance. In case the contract is for 2 years, its validity will end on January 31, 2023. However, there are certain exceptions.

If it was mentioned in the clauses or the general conditions that your home insurance is automatically renewable, so the duration has no effect. The contract is automatically reactivated after each expiry. In this case, you have a permanent home insurance. However, you have the possibility of terminating it at any time thanks to the law Hamon.

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Use your home insurance certificate

Besides the contract, the certificate could help you determine if you still have home insurance or not. This is the document par excellence that you can use instead of the contract to prove that you are covered. It delivers information such as: your contact details, the dates of the contract, the guarantees included and information about the insurer.

How to examine the certificate?

It is possible for you to base on the dates and the clauses to check if you are actually covered. The certificate is given to you by the insurer after the signature of the contract or sent in the days to come, by email or by post. It has a validity period of approximately one year, which corresponds to the anniversary date of the home insurance. In the event that you lose your certificate and need to provide it as proof, know that you can make a request.

What can I do to obtain a new certificate in the event of loss?

All you have to do is make a new request to the insurer. Contact him by phone or by email to notify him that you are in need. You can go directly to the agency to carry out the process. You can also submit your request remotely via the insurer’s mobile application or on the customer area of ​​the site, by entering your contract data and password.

If the certificate states that you are still covered, so much the better. Remember in this case that its validity no longer corresponds to 1 year, but rather to the time remaining for the contract to expire. If you are no longer covered, hurry to start the process to join a new insurer. Otherwise, you risk being evicted if you are a tenant.

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In short, you have two ways to check if you have home insurance. The first is the use of contract. If you can’t find it, ask for a certificate with your insurance company.