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Home insurance: our tips for lowering it!

To protect your home, it is recommended to take out home insurance. However, the cost of the latter tends to increase year after year. Therefore, it is necessary to find solutions to deal with it. For that, here are some tips to lower your home insurance.

Improve the level of home security

To lower your Home Insuranceyou must first improve the level of security of your house. This amounts to installing a alarm system or of remote monitoring, armored doors and bars on the windows. When you secure your home like this, you will lower your home insurance by about 15-20%. However, it is advisable to get closer to your insurer in order to secure your accommodation optimally.

Take inventory of your belongings

After improving the security level of your home, you must inventory your assets to lower your home insurance. The objective here will be to make a exhaustive point on your inheritance. The inventory concerns the area of ​​the accommodation, its year of construction and the number of rooms it contains on the one hand. On the other hand, it will be a question of determining the value of:

  • Your appliances,
  • your furniture,
  • your jewelry and works of art as well as
  • your high-tech equipment among others.

By taking an inventory of your belongings, it will be easier for you to insure them for their just value. Thus, you will be able to claim adequate compensation in the event of sinister.

Insure only the essentials

Now that you know your assets precisely, you only need to ensure that theessential to lower your home insurance. This trick allows you to pay the right price for your accommodation. Be aware that if you are a homeowner, your home insurance should only be limited to 3 elements. These are your wallsof yours personal property and your public liability. Any other element can be considered as superfluous. Hence the importance of choosing the right home insurance policy.

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Request a review of your home insurance contract

The other trick that will allow you to lower your home insurance is the review of your contract. If you have stayed with the same insurer for a long time, you can try to negotiate with this one. The objective here will be to review the price of your insurance downwards. To achieve this, you can evoke the competitionyour loyalty as well as your regularity. These arguments can convince your insurer to make a commercial gesture at your place.

Modernize your home

Modernizing your home can also allow you to considerably lower the price of your home insurance. You can indeed enjoy a renovation to switch from wood or gas to electric. This will not only improve the comfort of your home, but also reduce the risk of fire. This will save you money down the line. Modernizing your home also means increase the level of security of this one.

Appeal to competition

To finally reduce the cost of your home insurance, you can appeal to competition. This essentially comes down to change insurer. This change can be made at the end of the first term of your contract. You can also change home insurance when your situation changes. Finally, you can compete at any time after the first year. For this, it will just be necessary to respect a notice period of one month.