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Home insurance and humidity problem: Does it work?

Home insurance covers accidents to households and their equipment. Do you have humidity problems in your home and wonder if these problems are covered by home insurance? Be aware that home insurance takes into account moisture-related damage. If you suspect it, here are the humidity problems that your home insurer covers!

The cases in which your home insurer covers your humidity accidents

Your insurer can take into account water damage under well-defined conditions. It all depends on the cause of the accident. In addition, the criteria for coverage differ from one insurer to another. Generally, you benefit from humidity insurance in the event of a sudden and unforeseeable loss. Here is some causes water damage that your insurer can cover:

  • your washing machine overflowing;
  • water infiltration from the neighboring house;
  • the bad pipe that gives way;
  • natural infiltration through the roof;
  • natural disaster that involves sewer backup or flooding in your household;
  • the crack in your facade leading to humidity problems.

As soon as the cause of your humidity problem is linked to one of these criteria, your insurer will have to compensate you without further conditions.

The limits of coverage in the event of a humidity claim

Home insurance covers consequences of the disaster and not the causes. As such, your insurer will only cover property damaged by moisture. He will, however, repair property such as walls, embellishments, paint and other water-damaged items.

On the side of the insured, he must take charge of the repair of the defective materials having caused the water damage. In the event of refusal, the insurer will make a statement and will oppose the insured with a refusal in the event of a repeat offence.

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The time limit for reporting moisture damage to benefit from home insurance protection

As soon as you notice the water loss in your home, you are required to declare it to your insurer within the five working days. This is what article 113 paragraph 2 of the insurance code. Beyond this period of five days, the insurer may refuse to cover the claim. It is important to note, however, that failure to respect the deadline for declaration of the claim by the insured results in financial loss for the insurer.

Water claims that are not taken into account by the insurer

Not all water damage is covered by your insurer. Only the damage listed in your insurance contract is taken into account. Here is the water damage that is not covered by home insurance:

  • moisture damage due to a ventilation defect;
  • moisture damage due to poor insulation of materials;
  • poor hydrographic pressure on the walls of a basement room;
  • capillary rise.

As soon as the damage in question is linked to one of the situations listed above, the insurer loses its rights to repair damage linked to humidity.

What you need to do to prevent moisture damage in your household

To avoid humidity accidents in your household, you must take the necessary arrangements, to know :

  • use quality materials for your water pipes;
  • regularly check your plumbing work;
  • regularly examine your facades and repair any cracks that could lead to possible water leaks;
  • protect your gutters every time with quality gel;
  • regularly check the seals of your showers and bathtubs;
  • always check for water infiltration in your home.
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Compliance with these various safety measures protects you from humidity problems in your home.

In short, you can contact your insurer to inform him of your humidity problem in accordance with the terms of your insurance contract. By doing so, you will benefit from covering up the moisture problem in your household without much measure.