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Highlight the entrance of a house with an interior canopy

The industrial style of decoration is becoming more and more popular and most have an industrial decorative element in their interior. This style has the gift of reminding us of memories of industrial history and brings a note of metal to interiors as well as a touch of originality with raw materials. The interior canopy also meets these characteristics and can thus allow you to enhance your home entrance.

Canopy in an entrance: choose an industrial style

The interior canopy is ideal for redefining spaces, creating an office in the living room, separating the kitchen from the living room without partitioning… The industrial style can harmonize with all interiors, whatever the existing decoration. There are even manufacturers offering the design of a custom-made and personalized canopy according to your needs.

The industrial-style canopy is made of steel and has a very thin frame. Thanks to its elegance and finesse, it brings authenticity and character to your interior. In a classic interior, for example, it will add a touch of design and a more contemporary style.

The canopy is designed in metal and associated with elements that refer to the industry, generally brushed steel for a raw look.


3 tips for adopting the canopy in an entrance (layout and installation)

Canopies are available in two different models: kit models and custom models. If you choose the second option, then it is very likely that the manufacturer will include the installation in its services.

To adopt a canopy in your entrance, then take care of check the straightness of the floor and the ceiling. Even if the layout and installation can be done by yourself, the operation requires technical skills.

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In some cases, it may be useful to create some kind of opening if the wall is load-bearing. It will also be necessary to check that there is no technical sheath at this level. The technician will be able to tell you if the ceiling can support the canopy or not.

The advantages of choosing an interior canopy for your entrance

The first advantage of the canopy is that it brings light to your interior. In fact, she can partition and structure a large space while preserving natural light. As a result, for areas or rooms that lack light, it is the perfect solution, because unlike the classic partition, the canopy does not darken the space.

In addition, you have the possibility of adapting it to all styles of decoration. The windows that make up the canopy have the gift of create a timeless and modern atmosphere. In addition, you have the choice of different shades and colors, according to your preferences. It goes without saying that this layout brings character to your home, which becomes warmer.

The interior canopy is the best solution for partitioning spaces without separating them entirely, as it guarantees decorative and visual continuity. It also gives you the possibility of creating modular spaces and optimizing your interior layout.