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Full Analysis of Helix Original


Product Name : Helix Original

Brand: HELIX

Manager: France Direct Shop.

Website: www.m6boutique.com

French language

Pitch: Food supplement for joint comfort.

Price: €39.99

Format: Bottle of 30 capsules (X2)

Delivery: Colissimo with tracking

Warranty: 15 days

Description from Helix Original:

“Helix Original” is a joint support food supplement designed to combat stiffness and joint pain due to wear and aging of the joints and also to improve their flexibility!

Evaluation from Helix Original:

“Helix Original” is a dietary supplement dedicated to people with joint pain.

With natural and particularly powerful ingredients, this product has been designed to alleviate their suffering.

Let’s see everything you need to know about this food supplement against osteoarthritis, from its composition to its instructions for use.

Take a look at “Helix Original”.

“Helix Original” presents itself as a major ally for improving and restoring joint comfort. It is a food supplement that comes in the form of capsules in a bottle of 30 capsules.

Specially designed to combat joint pain and support the joints, it works by lubricating and nourishing the joints. This is why it is also known to improve mobility.

In reality, it is a care product whose function is to improve the quality of life of people with joint pain.

Efficiency test

A self-assessment test was conducted with 100 individuals with joint problems. They took one capsule a day for 2 months.

At the end of this test period, 85% of the participants declared that they felt better and 84% of them noticed a marked improvement in the elasticity of the joints.

In 82% of study participants, the joints become more flexible and in 83% of them, joint pain is less noticeable.

79% of individuals who took part in the test also declared that they had regained mobility. Finally, 58% of them benefited from relief from the first intake of the tablet.

What are the components of “Helix Original”?

The food supplement has been made with 100% natural ingredients, specially chosen for their exceptional properties. They act positively on cartilage, ligaments and bones!

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snail slime

Snail mucus has incredible properties that have attracted the attention of many professionals operating in various fields, including cosmetology experts. Its major advantage is that it contains several active substances. These include allantoin, protein, elastin, collagen, copper, zinc, calcium and iron.

According to research, the mucus allows the small mollusk to regenerate its shell when it is damaged. The maker of “Helix Original” has exploited this virtue of snail mucus. He therefore integrated this element into the components of the food supplement in order to promote the repair of joints and ligaments in poor condition.


Turmeric is well known for its many health benefits. It has now become a natural solution to soothe joint pain. Its major advantage is that it contains a magical active ingredient called curcumin. It is a powerful antioxidant which gives it the power to reduce inflammation and certain conditions.

This spice is widely used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine to treat joint problems. Whatever the cause of the pain, it is an adequate remedy. Curcumin works throughout the body, including the nervous system. This is why it has the power to calm pain.

Turmeric is considered a better alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is also known for its ability to fight against the ailments associated with aging. For all these reasons, turmeric rhizome powder is on the main ingredient list of this product.


It is a tree that comes from Asia and Africa. For millennia, people have used it as a medicinal plant. In fact, its resin contains a natural essential oil with therapeutic properties. Above all, it is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and is known for its ability to relieve joint inflammation.

Boswellia is therefore an essential ally in reducing joint pain and accelerating the healing of infections. Like turmeric, it can restore joints and improve their functioning.

Other ingredients

This dietary supplement also contains a bulking agent including Maltodextrin, a coating agent including hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and an anti-caking agent including magnesium stearate.

How it works?

“Helix” combines ingredients with an analgesic effect. This is how the food supplement manages to reduce joint pain and calm the suffering associated with it. It also contains active ingredients capable of restoring damaged joints and ligaments.

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In fact, snail powder and turmeric extract offer powerful anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce pain and discomfort significantly. The boswellia extract contained in “Helix Original” prevents oxidative processes in the body and promotes general health. Gelatin can help facilitate body movement by increasing flexibility and strength in joints and bones. Finally, magnesium stearate provides energy to the body.

All of these ingredients work in synergy to support and improve the condition of joints and bones. And, since it contains powerful antioxidants, “original helix” has healing and regenerative properties, it can also restore joint elasticity and flexibility. In other words, it is endowed with restorative power!

How to use “Helix Original”?

As mentioned earlier, it is a dietary supplement in capsule form. To enjoy its benefits, just take one capsule every day with a large glass of water. It is advisable to take the tablet every day at the same time.

It should be noted that each bottle contains 30 capsules and therefore allows you to follow a cure for 1 month.

The treatment is to be renewed if necessary. But based on manufacturer test results, you should feel improvements after a few days of use. Your joints should gradually become more flexible, more mobile and less painful.

To optimize the result, you can combine taking the food supplement “Helix” with various practical tips. For example, you can put ice or a heat source on the sore joints to reduce the pain. Otherwise, applying lemon eucalyptus essential oil or putting a green clay poultice on the joints is also a good idea according to the manufacturer.

The advantages of the product.

Helix-Original“Helix Original” is a product designed to fight arthritis. Therefore, thanks to a combination of natural ingredients known for their benefits on joints and general health, it should improve the health of your joints and restore joint comfort.

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Moreover, the anti-arthritis supplement is not only made to ease the suffering of patients. It can also help repair joints. Indeed, according to the seller, the joints can regain their flexibility and mobility over time. In other words, “Helix Original” is an interesting complementary care tool. To top it off, it is easy to use since it is in tablet form.

Disadvantages from Helix Original:

“Helix Original” can cause some side effects like nausea and constipation.

The product contains gelatin, an ingredient that may not be suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Although they are in the minority, there are a number of testimonials that claim that this product does not provide any significant results. There are even a few sites that talk about scams (source: ufcquechoisir.fr, arnaques-infos.org).


Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the daily dose indicated on the packaging.

Do not administer to children under 12 and keep out of the reach and sight of very young children.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people allergic to shellfish.

Consult a specialist if you are currently on anticoagulants or medication.

“Helix Original” is a dietary supplement, not a drug. In other words, it was not designed to treat, prevent or cure any disease. It can in no way replace the treatment prescribed by a doctor and is in no way a miracle cure.

Reputation from Helix Original:

The reputation of this product is pretty good overall. There is, of course, food and drink in user reviews about “Helix Original” on the Internet. And, some sites even speak of a scam. But the vast majority of testimonials are positive and demonstrate consumer satisfaction.

Conclusion for Helix Original:

It appears from consumer reviews that ‘Helix Original’ is a joint relief supplement that claims to relieve joint pain and improve joint flexibility and although it has some downsides it can be said without taking too much risk that it is not a scam.

Official website: www.m6boutique.com

Go to the official website: Helix Original