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Hair oil bath: effective and simple hair care

Hydration is one of the keys to healthy hair. The hair oil bath is an excellent beauty ritual to put in place in a hair routine to compensate for a lack of hydration. And for good reason, such a treatment is based on the use of one or more vegetable oils and thus makes it possible to deeply nourish the hair and the scalp. To learn more about the hair oil bath and its benefits, continue reading this article without further delay.

Hair oil bath: what is it?

The hair oil bath is a pre-shampoo treatment, which consists of applying a vegetable oilor a mixed vegetable oils, on the hair. At stake ? Soft, shiny and deeply hydrated hair.

Very popular with Indian women, the oil bath is described as a miracle care for dry, brittle and damaged hair. No need to use a multitude of products! The oil bath is, in fact, a natural treatment that can be carried out at home with almost any vegetable oil. Even olive oil can do the trick! The oil bath is a beauty ritual ideal to integrate into a hair routine to soothe the scalp and nourish the hair.

Is the hair oil bath suitable for all hair types?

The oil bath is widely acclaimed by frizzy hair, curly Where kinkytypes of hair whose common enemy is the drought. Nevertheless, it can quite be adopted by all hair types and thus respond to other problems. In other words, everyone can do oil baths! And people with fine hair, who nevertheless tend to be greasy, are no exception. In case of hair sensitive to excess sebum, simply avoid the scalp and apply the treatment only to the lengths and ends.

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Only people with colored hair should refrain from performing too many oil baths. The reason ? Over time, the hair may dull.

How often to do it?

Ideally, it is recommended to make an oil bath all the two weeks, in particular, in case of dry or damaged hair. In addition, if the lengths are particularly dry, the treatment can be carried out more frequently, on the lengths only.

The benefits of hair oil bath

The hair oil bath intensely nourishes the scalp. It thus considerably promotes the hair growth and bring volume throughout the hair. It is therefore a perfect treatment for having long hair naturally.

On the lengths and ends, the oil bath gives shine and some candy to the hair, smoothing the scales on the surface. Inside the hair, it strengthens the hair fiber and thus drastically limits breakage, in particular, which occurs during brushing.

How to make a hair oil bath?

To make a hair oil bath in the rules of the art, nothing could be simpler! Justcoat the whole hair of a vegetable oil, from root to tip. For optimal effectiveness, the treatment must be carried out on dry and dirty hair, before washing it. Then you have to to let do a few hourspreferably wrapping the hair in a towel hot, so that the oil penetrates deeply. Good to know: it is possible to apply the treatment in the evening, before sleeping, and to remove it in the morning when you wake up.

After leaving the treatment on, simply wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. If necessary, do not hesitate to repeat the wash until the hair is completely free of oil.

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Which vegetable oils to choose?

It is above all important to favor a organic, cold-pressed vegetable oil for an optimal assimilation of lipids. Then you have to make a choice based on your hair type and needs :

  • Thin hair : grape seed oil, passion fruit oil;
  • Sensitive scalp or irritated: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, neem oil, hemp oil;
  • Dry hair and abysses : argan oil, avocado oil, borage oil, baobab oil;
  • Greasy hair : hazelnut oil, bay laurel oil;
  • To stimulate the growth of hair : Castor oil, mustard oil, fenugreek oil;
  • For hair soft and shiny : coconut oil.

Finally, what to remember?

The hair oil bath is the beauty trick you absolutely need to know for hydrated hair. Like any good thing, it should not be abused! It is, in fact, important not to carry out such a treatment too frequently, at the risk of suffocating the hair. If done correctly and at the right frequency, the hair oil bath only has benefits.

Take care of yourself and your hair;