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Gua sha: the trendy tool for perfect skin

Gua sha is a beauty ritual that continues to be talked about on social networks, including on the Tik Tok platform. In short, a real fad. But what is gua sha really? What are its benefits ? And above all, where does the practice come from? All the answers and much more in this article!

Definition: what is gua sha?

From the traditional chinese medicinethe gua sha is a massage which consists of scraping the skin of the body with a flat instrument. The goal ? Stimulate acupressure points, meridians and internal organs.

The term gua sha literally means: “to scratch the disease”. Deep and quite unpleasant, gua sha is a practice that not only aims to release toxins, relieve pain muscle and activate blood circulation. But also, to carry out a lymphatic drainage and to harmonize the function of the organs! Traditionally, a cow horn spatula was used for this purpose.

Very popular on social networks, the gua sha facial massage is directly inspired by the Chinese ancestral ritual. For greater comfort, energetic rubbing has been replaced by subtle smoothing and acupressure movements. The tools of yesteryear have given way to charming wooden instruments. crystalor again, in semi-precious stone.

gua sha and face serum

The benefits of gua sha

The gua sha massage of the face imparts many skin benefits. It makes it possible, in fact, to respond to several beauty issues, all more different from each other, from the blurred complexion, to the loss of firmness, through the appearance of the first signs of aging.

Among other things, gua sha boosts the traffic some blood. It thus allows you to find a fresh and slightly rosy complexion, as after a good sports session. In addition, tissue reoxygenation helps to sweep away toxins and to detoxify the skin deep. Result ? The grain of the skin is clearer. But that’s not all: such a facial massage acts on the effects of fatigue and time on the appearance of the skin! Indeed, if it is carried out with delicacy on the contour of the eyes, it helps to deflate the pockets and to mitigate the coloring of dark circles.

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In addition, the lifting action of gua sha helps to smooth the lines and D’fade wrinkles and wrinkles. The face thus appears younger. To top it off, such a beauty ritual is ideal for losing face weight very quickly: what more could you ask for!

Gua sha: how (well) to use it?

To perform a gua sha massage of the face in the rules of the art, it is better to proceed step by step.

Step n°1: apply a cream on clean skin

Before starting a gua sha massage of the face, it is essential tohydrate your skin. Indeed, applying a cream is essential for the blade to glide properly. The face should be own and well hydrated to go to the next step.

Step 2: Apply light pressure and tilt the gua sha

For a successful gua sha session, it is important to know how to hold the blade. In fact, it’s quite a protocol! Depending on the desired results, we must sometimes place it at 45°, sometimes put it lying down. At home, it is best to hold the blade flat, but with a slight angle. The ideal is to maintain a slight pressure of the blade against the skin.

Step 3: pull the skin from the inside out

Now let’s move on to the gesture! The goal is simple: pull the fabrics from the inside out and from the bottom to the top. At the level of the forehead, it is thus necessary to start from the middle towards the hairline. You have to repeat the same gesture by going down on the eyebrow, below the eyes, at the level of the sides of the nose, so as to go systematically to the temples. Note that you have to go over the bridge of the nose, from top to bottom.

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As it concerns cheeks, it is necessary to massage under the cheekbone to stretch outwards. Finally, pass the gua sha over the mouth at the level of the smile lines going outwards, from the chin upwards, and finally the neck, from the base towards the jaw.

woman performing facial massage

Gua sha: what contraindications?

The practice of gua sha is not subject to any contraindication. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised not to pass the blade over significant acne lesions. This is not a contraindication per se! But it is true that passing the blade over acne lesions risks spreading the bacteria.

It is worth pointing out that the use of gua sha can create small redness, which is completely normal. It is simply a sign that the blood circulation is activated!

Take care of yourself and your skin;