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bottle-green-coffee-bean-extractGREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT is one of the most popular slimming products in the world today.
And as the name suggests, this supplement is made from green coffee.
It contains a substance called chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for the weight loss effect.

We believe the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
The pills that we recommend to you represent an external help, and come to supplement this framework of life to allow you to save time and will.
We are clear below, a dietary supplement alone can never work miracles. It should be taken as part of an overall weight loss approach.

Let’s immediately explore all the secrets of the green coffee pill: GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT.

Green Coffee Bean Extract what’s this?

Green coffee beans are simply unroasted coffee beans. If you’ve never seen them before, here’s what they look like:


green coffee

Usually, coffee beans are naturally green. Before being sold to the consumer, they are generally roasted, which gives them that final brown color.

As we know, coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and active components. The two most important are caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is considered the main active ingredient in green coffee beans. It is, in fact, the substance that causes weight loss. Need more info on this acid, consult This article Wikipedia.

When the coffee is roasted, most of the chlorogenic acid disappears and that is why the usual coffee beans that we consume every day do not have the same effect as those of green coffee.
We have already published an article devoted specifically to green coffee which you can consult by here.

Advantages Green Coffee Bean Extract

bottle-green-coffee-bean-extractGreen Coffee Bean Extract displays the following promises:

  • It will improve your metabolism, which means your body will process fat at a much faster rate than usual;
  • It will help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which will cause the body to store only the necessary amount of fat;
  • When we balance the sugar, we perfectly control our sweet cravings and therefore we consume fewer calories from unhealthy foods;
  • Caffeine constitutes only 10% of Green Coffee Bean Extract. This is very important because it avoids you any problem of insomnia and any side effects linked to the overconsumption of caffeine;
  • It has been the subject of several clinical studies that have proven its effectiveness in the weight loss process;
  • You can buy Green Coffee Bean Extract without any risk, as the manufacturer offers you a full 60-day guarantee to try the product with peace of mind.
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Our reproaches to Green Coffee Bean Extract

The only complaints we could find about this product are:

  • You can only buy Green Coffee Bean Extract from the Official Site.
    This complicates the task a little for people who prefer to buy directly in shops because they do not master online purchase operations.
  • Unfortunately, there is very little information about the contraindications of the product. This is the reason why pregnant women or people following a particular medical treatment should consult their doctor before starting to take this pill, even if Green Coffee Bean Extract and 100% natural and without risk for human health.

The Ingredients from Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Green Coffee Bean Extract contains only two substances, namely green coffee and raspberry ketone.

1. GREEN COFFEE (200mg):
Green coffee is coffee in its raw state, unroasted coffee that retains all the natural properties of the plant.
This ingredient has been the subject of several scientific studies.
Its chlorogenic acid content reduces the intestinal absorption of sugars and also accelerates the metabolism of fats. This makes it a very interesting ally in the context of a weight loss process.

Very famous nowadays and very popular everywhere, this raspberry extract is very rich in phenolic antioxidants.
It promotes the secretion of adiponectin, a molecule that acts on the metabolism of glucose and lipids.
Raspberry ketone helps burn fat, speed up metabolism and lower blood cholesterol levels.
It has other virtues on the skin, the hair, and the immune system.



These two components have been combined to help you burn all the fat that gets in your way.
While green coffee focuses on balancing blood sugar levels, raspberry ketone, on the other hand, helps speed up metabolic processes and allow for faster fat burning.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract: how does it work works?

Green Coffee Bean Extract contains caffeine and extensive research has already shown that caffeine can boost metabolism up to 11% more than normal.

However, caffeine is not the main ingredient of the pill, simply because if this component is present in a large dose in the composition of the pill, it can cause unwanted and harmful side effects to health.

Green Coffee Bean Extract’s secret weapon is Chlorogenic Acid.
This component works by preventing the body from storing unnecessary fat. This action results in the stabilization of the level of sugar in the blood, a stabilization that keeps insulin at lower levels. Controlling blood sugar levels is arguably the first step to successful weight loss.

The second principle of the product is based on its ability to stop or even eliminate the craving you feel for all these unhealthy and mostly sugary foods that surround you and allow you to resist temptation.
Again, this is done through balancing the blood sugar level. Concretely, this means that between meals, you will no longer be vulnerable to the temptation produced by these cookies, pies or sandwiches and you will manage to eliminate the word snacking from your vocabulary.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract will work for me too ?

The great advantage at this point is that Green Coffee Bean Extract has been purchased and consumed by thousands of users already.

The latter do not hesitate to post their comments, their testimonials and tell their own fight with fat and their personal experience with the product. We can only underline the positive aspect of the general trend of these opinions.

The approval of scientific studies is also there.
The most recent clinical study took place in 2011. Participants were asked to take the green coffee bean extract for six weeks.
At the end of the study, the results were interesting. The participants managed to lose an average of 16% of their body fat compared to their starting weight. When we see the results obtained in the short space of a month and a half, we can only be optimistic and confident about the effects of a longer treatment.

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Considering the fact that many medical tests have proven the same result about green coffee extract and considering the many positive testimonials of people who have managed to lose their extra pounds thanks to GCBE, we really have the impression that there is a good chance of achieving weight loss with this product.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Side effects

Being made exclusively of natural ingredients, the product has no significant side effects.

However, we invite pregnant women, people who suffer from any health problem and those who are undergoing medical treatment, to take the advice of their doctor before deciding to take this pill.

Where can we to buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The product is manufactured and marketed by the British company Bauer Nutrition which is already very well known in the field of food supplements.

The price of a bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract is 29.45€.
The manufacturer offers other formulas that correspond to all objectives and all budgets. Here is an overview of the commercial offers available on the official website of the manufacturer.

The product is offered for sale exclusively on the official website of Bauer Nutrition for many reasons, the most important are safety and maintaining the price without intermediation costs.

On the official website of the manufacturer you are sure to buy the right product and not another bottle that looks like it or has a similar name.

On the other hand, you are sure to buy Green Coffee Bean Extract at its original price.
Note that resellers can buy quantities of the product and put it on sale on Amazon or Ebay, but it would be surprising if they sold it at the same price offered on the official website of the manufacturer, generally resellers add a margin to the prices of the products which can reach 150%.

The third and main advantage is that by ordering the product on its official website, you benefit from the 60-day money-back guarantee.


Attention, this product is no longer for sale. If you want to check out other reviews of similar products, Click HERE!

Last update: September 14, 2022.