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Green clay: how to use it?

Green clay is a natural product that brings enormous benefits to the skin. Its virtues eliminate toxins from the skin and repair those that are oily. However, to benefit from its benefits, it is important to know how to use it: a face mask, a scalp conditioner, etc. Learn more here.

Use as a face mask

It is no longer a secret that the green clay sold on the Greenweez site has benefits for the skin. The first way to use it is to make a face mask. It will rid it of acnes and make it very smooth.

To do this, the green clay must be powdered and made into a paste. Take a stainless container in which to mix the powder with water. The paste must be homogeneous and thick to act well on the face.

Once the mixture is obtained, you must begin to apply the paste from the T zone. You start with the forehead to the chin passing through the nose. It is necessary to avoid that the pasty mixture comes into contact with the eyes. After a few minutes, rinse it with tap water and use a clean cloth to wipe the face.

Apply green clay powder to the skin

Green clay does not only prove its effectiveness on the face. If you want to have completely smooth skin, the solution is to use green clay. It takes theapply on the body regularly before taking your bath.

Take the powder directly and start applying it to your body. You start at the neck until you finish at the ankles. Leave on for a few minutes before the powder dries out. This provides the desired result. It will be necessary to rinse the body afterwards without using a sponge.

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Maintain hair with green clay

The active ingredients in green clay also work wonders on the scalp. They bring to hair cells nutrients to strengthen them and promote hair development. They exert control over sebum and fight against itching.

For actual use, the clay must be transformed into shampoo. To do this, take the powder and mix it with water. You can add other natural products that act effectively on the scalp. These include, for example, rhassoul, argan vegetable oil and sidr powder.

Once the mixture is made, it must be applied to the hair, especially the roots. Wait a few minutes after application before rinsing hair. However, if you have dry hair, you should avoid using this solution.

Drink green clay to aid digestion

Green clay makes it possible to fight digestive problems. Its properties help treat heartburn and control acidity levels. They also help to eliminate toxins present in the body.

To benefit from these advantages, you must consume the clay in the form of milk. For more efficiency, it is necessary to consume the milk internally in the morning and on an empty stomach. However, to avoid undesirable effects, it is necessary to take the opinion of a doctor before the consumption of green clay.