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Goji Berry Extract 500mg, Review, Customer Opinion and Analysis… We tell you everything!

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vial-of-Goji-Berry-Extract-500mgToday we are testing GOJI BERRY EXTRACT 500mg from Evolution Slimming Laboratories, a dietary supplement that presents itself as a potential aid in a global approach to weight loss, in addition to its other health benefits.

This is the first supplement based on Goji berry extract that we have tested.

Presentation and promises of Goji Berry Extract 500mg

Goji Berry Extract 500mg comes in capsule form which, as you may have noticed, contains 500mg of Goji berry extract each. This supplement is therefore a superfood concentrate, which offers multiple health benefits.

According to the manufacturer, Goji Berry Extract 500mg may offer the following benefits:

  • Strengthening of the immune system;
  • Anti-aging properties;
  • Positive action on vision, kidneys and liver;
  • Lower cholesterol;
  • Slowing hair loss and whitening;
  • Overall rejuvenation;
  • Stabilization of blood pressure and blood sugar levels;
  • Support for weight loss.

The recommended dosage is to take 1 to 2 capsules of Goji Berry Extract 500mg per day, with a large glass of water.

Evolution Slimming, the manufacturer of Goji Berry Extract 500mg

It is the British Evolution Slimming laboratories that offer Goji Berry Extract 500mg.
Surely you know this manufacturer, because we have already tested several of its products.
What we can say is that Evolution Slimming is a serious company, specialized in the manufacture of food supplements for weight loss and well-being for many years, and whose reliability is recognized today.

On the official site, you can find something to support you in your slimming process: meal ideas, apps, nutrition program, calculators, news and information… you can take full advantage of what the site has to offer to optimize your weight loss results. weight and easily reach your goals.

The ingredients of Goji Berry Extract 500mg

As the name suggests, here we are with a pill that contains a single main ingredient: GOJI BERRY.
Let’s discover this super food and what it can bring to our general well-being and health.

The Goji berry, or lycium barbarum, is a plant very present in Asia. It has been used for over 3000 years in Chinese and Tibetan medicine, primarily due to its powerful antioxidant properties.
She was also nicknamed “The Key to Eternal Youth”.
But what gives this little berry such virtues?

Surely its composition has a lot to do with it. Let’s see what this so-called miraculous berry contains:

  • A high concentration of vitamin C: 400 times more than an orange for the fresh berry, and 7 times more for the dried berry;
  • Vitamin A or beta carotene;
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E;
  • 18 amino acids, 8 of which are essential;
  • Many polysaccharides (rhamnose, xylose, mannose, arabinose, etc.);
  • Trace elements and minerals: iron, copper, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc;
  • Large amounts of protein (15% more than whole wheat, for equal amounts).
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All these substances together have made the Goji berry a successful medicinal plant for centuries, giving it properties such as:
Anti-Oxidant Properties:
The Goji berry would strengthen the immune system and delay the aging of cells.
It would fight autoimmune diseases, would have an anti-inflammatory action on joints and muscles in particular, would protect the liver and kidneys, and detoxify the body.
Energy Properties:
Goji berries would be an excellent way to naturally fight against fatigue, to regain strength and energy, but also to boost sexual energy and endurance.
This small fruit would also have the ability to promote concentration and oxygenation of the blood.
Protective properties of the Heart:
The Goji berry would protect against cardiovascular diseases, and would have the ability to restore cardiac functions and improve blood circulation.
It also regulates blood sugar and lipid levels, as well as cholesterol levels.
Anti-Stress Properties:
The Goji berry promotes restful sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, and actively participates in the fight against depression, particularly related to food issues.
Vision and Skin Protective Properties:
The berry is said to significantly improve vision and eye health, protect the skin, and strengthen nails and hair.
Properties on Digestion and Weight:
The Goji berry would promote good digestion and optimization of the absorption of calcium by the body.
It would facilitate weight loss, avoid possible deficiencies linked to a diet, and reduce sugar cravings.

The Goji berry has a glycemic index of 29. It is therefore one of the so-called low glycemic index foods (with a GI of less than 55).
This type of food promotes the feeling of satiety, and therefore the reduction of cravings.
It also contains 21% fiber, which helps control hunger, but also blood sugar levels.

To discover all the benefits of Goji Berry Extract 500mg, visit the official website of the manufacturer.

The incredible story of Li Chung Yun, who is said to have lived to be 256 years old

We understand better, by reviewing all the virtues of the Goji berry, from which it takes its nickname of “Key to Eternal Youth”!
Moreover, the legend of Li Chung Yun would confirm the anti-aging benefits of this fruit!

Li Chung Yun was a recognized Chinese herbalist researcher who would have reached, wait for it, the age of 256 years old!!!

How are we sure of this record age? And how is it due to the consumption of Goji berries?

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He thought he was born in 1734, but records have determined that he was actually born in 1677 and died in 1933.

Li Chung Yun’s secret to longevity?

The consumption of 2 handfuls of Goji berries per day, since the age of 50!

He tells his own story:

“At the age of 50, while I was in a mountain collecting herbs, I met an old man who lived in a remote area of ​​the mountains.
He didn’t look like a ‘super man’, but he took such big steps that it looked like he was flying through the air.
No matter how hard I tried to follow him, I couldn’t.
Later, I met him again. I knelt at his feet and begged him to let me know his secret.
He gave me wild fruits saying, “My only secret is that I eat these fruits every day”.
I took the fruit and immediately saw that it was Chinese Wolfberries (Goji).
Since that time, I consume 3 qian (5 ounces) of Chinese Wolfberries.
From then on, I became agile and healthy again.
I got stronger and gained more vigor than an average person”.

What does science say about the virtues of the Goji berry?

The manufacturer of Goji Berry Extract 500mg does not provide any scientific study to support its product. But we know that the Goji berry has been the subject of several clinical studies to validate and confirm its potential benefits.

In 1994, a clinical trial took place in China on 75 people suffering from different cancers, all at an advanced stage.
The addition of purified Goji compounds has shown positive health effects in patients.

Other clinical trials, this time carried out on animals or cell strains, have also given positive results on aging and fertility in particular.
In rats suffering from Type II diabetes, the consumption of Goji berries led to a significant decrease in weight, cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin in the blood.

(Source 1: NCBI. PubMed. Graduate Institute of Natural Products, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Wu SJ., Ng LT., Lin CC. Phytotehr Res. 2004 Dec;18(12):1008-12.

(Source 2: NCBI. PubMed. College of Public Health, Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei, PR China. Luo Q, Li Z, Huang X, Yan J, Zhang S, Cai YZ. Life Sci. 2006 Jul 10;79(7):613-21. Epub 2006 Mar 6).
In 2008, a preliminary double-blind trial with a placebo group was carried out in the United States on 34 healthy adults.
The results showed that daily consumption of 120ml of Goji juice for 2 weeks improves energy level, sleep and mood.
Unfortunately, various factors have undermined the reliability of this study, and the results do not allow 100% confirmation of the effects of the Goji berry on the subjects concerned.

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(Source : NCBI. PubMed. FreeLife International, LLC, Phoenix USA. Amagase H., Nance DM. J Altern Complement Med. 2008 May;14(4):403-12. doi:10.1089/acm.2008.0004).

The state of scientific research on the properties of Goji berries remains quite meager.
Other studies, more reliable, more advanced, still have to be put in place to scientifically validate what traditional and ancient use shows on the Goji berry.

Side effects and contraindications Goji Berry Extract 500mg

The Goji berry has a stimulating effect on the uterus, and is therefore not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Other than that, no side effects have been observed to date, even at high doses.

Goji Berry User Testimonials

Rather than a summary, we preferred to share some of the testimonials that we were able to collect on the benefits of the Goji berry.

I am from Quebec, Canada and I was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. According to my doctor, the chances of me getting out of it were very low. I had already heard of goji without really believing it, I told myself that I had nothing to lose when I was there and I started to consume small handfuls of it several times a day. I always had some with me, it gave me a glimmer of hope. At the same time, my doctor had me undergo shock chemotherapy treatments, from which I recovered much faster than average thanks to goji. I haven’t even lost my hair! Now, 10 months later, I am completely healed! I thank God for introducing me to this marvelous fruit and restoring my health. Christian.

These berries are amazing! I have lost thirty pounds and have more energy than ever. My blood pressure is no longer high and my cholesterol has gone down. It’s true what they say about these berries, they make you happy and smile. Sean Artmire

My tongue is definitely less cracked, and no longer sore. I lost weight and people tell me I look radiant. Goji berries lighten my skin. I’m less anxious and I feel really good. Thanks for all this! Be well and happy. Stephen P.

Price and Guarantee of Goji Berry Extract 500mg

The 60 capsule bottle of Goji Berry Extract 500mg costs 18€ instead of 28€i.e. 35% reduction.

The official website allows you to benefit from more interesting discounts if you buy several bottles:

  • 2 bottles at the price of 31€ instead of 55€.
  • 3 bottles for 40€ instead of 83€more than 50% off.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and guarantees delivery within 3 to 5 days.


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