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three-vials-garcinia-slim-500GARCINIA SLIM 500 is a fat burner based on garcinia cambogia.
One more would you tell us!
And yes, the success of Garcinia Cambogia is undeniable, and new slimming supplements based on Garcinia come out very regularly!

Today we are testing Garcinia Slim 500, to see if these slimming pills really keep their promises, or if it is better to turn to another Garcinia-based product.

Introducing & Promising Garcinia Slim 500

According to the Garcinia Slim 500 page, garcinia cambogia is “a miraculous plant” that will help you achieve a dream figure.
The page also advertises that Garcinia Slim 500 performs better than other garcinia cambogia supplements.
The reasons for this exceptional efficiency would be the following.

Garcinia Slim 500:

  • Burn fat effectively and easily;
  • Suppresses appetite naturally;
  • Contains additional ingredients;
  • Promotes healthy weight loss;
  • Has no side effects;
  • Blocks fat assimilation.

Great promises, and great advice too, such as combining Garcinia Slim 500 with another supplement, Vital Cleanse, to optimize the results.
The page advertises that the combination Garcinia Slim 500 and a colon cleansing product has been shown to be more effective by scientific research.

What are the famous additional ingredients of this supplement?
What is the scientific research that validates the effectiveness of the association garcinia + colon cleansing?
For the moment, we don’t know, but the rest of our investigation will tell us if we will find one, or several…

In terms of product instructions, no dosage or method of administration is indicated on the Garcinia Slim 500 sales page.

Who Makes Garcinia Slim 500?

The site does not provide any information about the company behind Garcinia Slim 500.
When we clicked on order, we were redirected to another page promoting a different product, named Garcinia Cambogia Select, which offers us a free trial offer.

We have repeatedly warned our readers against free trial offers, which turn out to be scams.
Read our article on the subject here, and learn how to prevent yourself from this type of scam or how to get your money back if you have already ordered from this type of site.
(Read our article: Free trial scam).

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In the General Conditions of Sale (GTC), we learn that we are dealing with the company Santrinico Enterprises, which is based in Cyprus. Oddly, the site clearly announces that the product is from the USA.

Without an official website, this company intrigues us and we continue our research.
What we discovered along the way, multiple company names, “official” sites with changing names and a lack of clarity made us suspicious of the company behind Garcinia Slim 500.
But, let’s stay objective and move on to the product itself: let’s take a look at the ingredients.

Garcinia Slim 500 Ingredients

1. Garcinia Cambogia:
Garcinia is known for its high content of hydroxycitric acid.
This acid has the ability to block an enzyme, ATP citrate lyase, which is used to transform sugars and starches into fat.
By blocking this enzyme, garcinia limits the production of fat in the body.
In addition, this plant would have the ability to reduce appetite by increasing the feeling of satiety.
It could indeed be that garcinia activates the amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan, a direct precursor of serotonin, which sends signals of satiety to the brain.
To learn more about garcinia cambogia, check out our full article on the subject.
2. Calcium and Potassium:
These two minerals work by increasing the bioavailability of hydroxycitric acid to the body.
They reduce the degradation of HCA, improve its assimilation, and therefore optimize the effects of garcinia in the body.

At first glance, the list of ingredients seems interesting, and this association garcinia cambogia / calcium and potassium corresponds exactly to that of another product which we have already done: Read the test of Garcinia Cambogia Calcium and Potassium.

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But what about the dosage present in Garcinia Slim 500? Unavailable data!

Scientific studies concerning Garcinia Slim 500

No studies have been carried out specifically on the composition of Garcinia Slim 500.
On the other hand, garcinia cambogia is being studied more and more, because of its potential benefits on weight loss.

A 2011 meta-analysis concluded that “Garcinia Cambogia/HCA extracts produce short-term weight loss.
However, the magnitude of this effect is small and not statistically significant.
(Source : NCBI. Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter, Devon EX2 4NT, UK. Igho Onakpoya, Shao Kang Hung, Rachel Perry, Barbara Wider, and Edzard Ernst. J. Obes. 2011; 2011: 509038. Published 2010 Dec 14. doi: 10/1155/2011/509038).

Current studies still do not certify that garcinia cambogia is an effective long-term ingredient for weight loss. And even if some results seem encouraging, there is still a long way to go to reproduce these results and validate this ingredient in a definitive way.

Garcinia Slim 500 Side Effects & Contraindications

Garcinia cambogia does not cause any noticeable or serious side effects.
However, we would like to point out that the detailed composition of Garcinia Slim 500 is not provided by the manufacturer, and as such there is no guarantee that this product is safe for the body.

As a precautionary measure, we advise pregnant or breastfeeding women not to use diet pills.
On the other hand, we renew our warning about the use of any product that does not clearly display its composition and the dosage of its ingredients.

Garcinia Slim 500 User Testimonials

Despite our research, no reliable testimonials regarding the use of Garcinia Slim 500 have been found.

On the other hand, while browsing the forums, we found that Garcinia Slim 500 is mentioned by many people who have fallen into the trap of the free trial offer, and who are trying somehow not only to get their money back, but also to stop abusive and repetitive direct debits that are made without their confirmation.
Consult the forum of the 60 million consumer association to read some of these testimonials.

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Price & Guarantee of Garcinia Slim 500

Before accessing this data and before being able to consult the commercial offers of Garcinia Slim 500, you will be required to enter your personal contact data by completing a form provided for this purpose.
This is a classic method of free trial scams, which takes advantage of this to use your details for commercial purposes.

If you pass this course, then you will come across several packs, at different prices:

  • 3 bottles + 2 free for $144
  • 2 bottles + 1 free for $96
  • 1 trial bottle for $48

ATTENTION: Nothing mentions the free trial offer, which is very well concealed and only appears in the Conditions of Sale.

Our Customer Opinion on Garcinia Slim 500

You have understood it, Garcinia Slim 500 is a solution that you should absolutely not trust to lose your excess pounds!
Go your way urgently, and opt for a reliable garcinia cambogia-based supplement, purchased on the official website of the manufacturer, to guarantee the quality of the product and the honesty of the transaction!

Using a known ingredient name to attract people is not a proof of the effectiveness of the product itself nor a guarantee of the seriousness of its manufacturer.

Alternative to Garcinia Slim 500

If you want to consult another test about an effective and serious slimming solution, I advise you to review the article below:


“PhenQ” is a slimming tablet that combines the positive slimming effects of several dietary supplements to achieve optimal weight loss!

See the analysis and testimonials on PhenQ!

Last update: September 14, 2022.