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France: a resolution to focus on hemp and CBD

In France, a resolution pointing to the agro-industrial development of hemp and the full legalization of CBD passed by a large majority.


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The resolution for hemp in France

In the document, it was put in black and white on what are the fundamental steps that the sector will have to take in the coming years, starting with government support. “During my mandate, I worked to develop the hemp industry in Isère and in all countries,” wrote Senator Guillaume Gontard, who launched the proposal last September, signed by more than fifty senators representing all groups. policies. Proposal which received 179 votes for and only 7 against.


The main points of the European resolution

The proposal includes 3 key points on which to develop the hemp sector in France:

  • full legalization of CBD in all its forms, to end the current gray area;
  • the development of an agro-industrial sector to offer outlets to farmers and activate a virtuous economic and ecological circle;
  • State support for the sector, in particular by mobilizing public orders for hemp derivatives (hemp cement, insulation, etc.) or by creating a label of excellence.

A resolution that was well received by professionals in the sector. “This is excellent recognition for the plant and for the industry that supports it. There is still a lot to do, but the group and its supporters are growing every day and promise great things”.

And, satisfaction was also expressed by the Professional Hemp Union, which expressed itself as follows: “It is a strong political signal, because this motion for a resolution was approved by a very large majority. A consensus therefore emerges from this joint decision which demonstrates the will of the Senate to put in place the conditions necessary for the development of the hemp sector in France. It is now up to the government to listen to this transparent consensus to develop appropriate regulations”.

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Hemp and CBD in Europe: Germany and France in the lead

While in Italy the age-old problems linked, on the one hand, to the cannabis light sector, and on the other hand, to the establishment of the various supply chains, do not find answers in politics and the initiative is left to individual farmers and entrepreneurs, Germany and France are working on another level.

Germany, within the framework of the legalization of cannabis for adult use, has already announced that hemp and CBD will be removed from the lists of narcotics, a measure which would have an important implication at the judicial level, since it would immediately cancel many of lawsuits related to industrial hemp and CBD currently underway in Germany.

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) confirmed at the beginning of October the suspended prison sentence for two flower sellers with high levels of CBD.

It was the latest in a long line of similar rulings, with dozens of similar cases pending in courts across the country that continue to consider hemp and CBD to be narcotic substances.

Criminal responsibility

Criminal liability for abuse of power is added to all public officials who — although they are aware of EU law, as incorporated by the case law of the Court of Justice (or need to be aware of it) anyway, since “ignorantia legis non excusat” = no one is supposed to ignore the law) – have deliberately violated it, causing unjust damage to the governed.

Law in Europe is like mathematics.

One plus one equals two, uncertainty is not allowed, because it is incompatible with the pillars of the treaty which is based above all on the free movement of goods. Basic human rights, on the other hand, cannot be tossed around by politicians, magistrates and civil servants as if they were weather vanes in the wind.

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