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flat-belly-belt-lytessThe cosmetotextile is definitely on the rise. We tested the LYTESS Slimming Flash FLAT BELLY BELT, designed with slimming microcapsules that are supposed to make your tummy perfect effortlessly.

What about the seriousness and effectiveness of this flat stomach belt?

Our survey will enlighten you and allow you to decide whether or not this microcapsule weight loss belt is for you.

Presentation and promises of the Lytess flat stomach belt

The Lytess flat stomach belt is part of the cosmetotextile or cosmeto-textile, a new technology that merges the world of cosmetics and that of textiles through a process called microencapsulation. The principle of action of these microcapsules for weight loss is simple: following a movement of pressure or friction between the body and the tissue causes the rupture of these microcapsules, which allows them to release their content in the body through the dermis. .
The Lytess flat stomach belt is supposed, according to its manufacturer, to refine your silhouette, with visible results from the first 5 days of wearing the belt.
This announced effectiveness would be due to a cosmetic serum integrated into the belt through microcapsules for weight loss, associated with a very soft microfiber textile. This technology should give you an impeccable line, while remaining very discreet.

The advertised advantages of the Lytess flat stomach belt:

  • Paraben-free (ester typically used as a preservative in food, beverage and cosmetics industry);
  • Flat stomach effect;
  • Loss of centimeters;
  • Ultra soft touch;
  • Perfect outfit.

Lytess, the manufacturer of the Lytess flat stomach belt

Lytess is one of the European leaders in the cosmetotextile sector.
Founded in 2003, this company invests no less than 15% of its annual turnover in research and development, to offer its customers innovative products at the cutting edge of new technologies in slimming textiles and smart clothing.

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Lytess has designed different types of textile fibres, each of which has its specificity: shaping, massaging, correcting or even compressive. There is something for every need.
As for the active agents present in the microcapsules for weight loss, Lytess reinforces their effectiveness thanks to the addition of high quality emollients.

Here is an example of what the press is saying about Lytess: (Source: LSA Trade and consumption. Article published by Yves PUGET on 03/31/2014).

Ingredients of Lytess flat stomach belt slimming microcapsules

For its flat stomach belt, Lytess has chosen to use a knitted fabric with a sheathing effect, whose composition is 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane.
It is a compressive technical mesh, which combines a supple and sheathing texture, sophisticated tailoring with no visible seams, a high-performance textile, and microcapsules for weight loss with targeted actions on the hips, thighs and stomach.


Introducing the Lytess flat stomach belt

Lytess Flat Belly Belt Weight Loss Microcapsules contain the following ingredients:
1. Red Algae:

Known as “vegetable coral” in the cosmetics industry, the red seaweed is said to have a moisturizing, remineralizing and lipolytic action.
It therefore promotes the burning of fat from the outside, and transmits trace elements and marine minerals to the skin.
2. Forskolin:

This plant has many benefits.
Released from microcapsules for weight loss, it promotes fat burning, activates circulation, firms and tones the body.
It is by releasing the fatty acids located in the fat cells that Forskolin helps to reduce fat mass.
3. Ginger:

Ginger is a powerful stimulant and tonic, especially for everything that affects the digestive system.
It participates in the protection of the liver, lowers cholesterol levels, while promoting good general health.
Ginger also has warming properties.
4. Pink Pepper:

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Activates circulation, tones and warms up.
Pink pepper has diuretic properties that promote the elimination of toxins, and effectively fight against cellulite.
5. Sandalwood Extract:

Has a soothing, antiseptic and tonic action.
The essential oil of sandalwood has several recognized benefits, such as its lymphatic and venous decongestant properties, its cardiotonic properties among others.
6. Shea Butter:

Very rich in vitamins, it protects, softens and regenerates the skin.
Shea butter deeply moisturizes the epidermis, revitalizes the tissues, and restores elasticity to the skin.
7. Sweet Almond Oil:

It soothes and softens, giving a velvety appearance to the skin.
Emollient, it nourishes the skin and protects it from drying out.
Finally, it softens and strengthens, prevents stretch marks and activates the epidermis’ repair capacities.

Scientific studies concerning the Lytess flat stomach belt

Are Lytess flat stomach belt slimming microcapsules really effective?

A study was carried out on 30 volunteers, having worn the belt 8 hours a day for 5 days. The results were as follows:

  • Loss of up to 2.3cm in waist circumference – 3.8cm in hip circumference – 2.6cm in thigh circumference.
  • Average loss of 0.6 waist circumference – 0.71 cm hip circumference – 0.48 cm thigh circumference.

After self-assessment, 87% of people say they are satisfied with the flat stomach effect, and 90% consider the microcapsule belt to lose weight effective.

No side effects were observed during this study.

On the other hand, we were able to find this study carried out in 2011 and which proves the effectiveness of the cosmetotextile concept, its adaptation to the human body, the ease of impregnating it with the desired ingredients and the absence of any risk. The study gave its agreement for an industrial production of this concept.
(Source : NCBI. University of Torino, Torino, Italy. Cravotto G., Beltramo L., Sapino S., Binello A., Carlotti ME. J Mater Saw Mater Med. 2011 Oct; 22(10):2387-95. doi: 10.1007/s10856-011-4399-z. Epub 2011 Jul 31).

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Testimonials from users of the Lytess flat stomach belt

The reviews are rather negative, for several reasons.

The Lytess microcapsule belt for weight loss would have the following disadvantages:

  • Difficult to put on;
  • Smell too strong;
  • Awkward under clothing;
  • Too much compression;
  • Badly cut;
  • Relaxes quickly;
  • Size too large;
  • Irritating seams;
  • No effect.

Price and warranty

The Lytess flat stomach belt is available on the Lytess online store as well as other websites.
It comes in 2 sizes: SM (36/40) and L/XL (42/46), from 39,90€.

The Lytess store offers the possibility of free exchange of any unopened product within 14 days of purchase, as well as free delivery from an order of €55.

Lytess also offers its customers a loyalty program based on points that correspond to the value of purchases made.

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