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Find out the maximum size of a swimming pool to avoid paying taxes

The swimming pool is considered an annex of the house and is subject to tax. What is the tax on an inground pool?

A swimming pool can increase the rental value of a property. Taxes are therefore necessary. Let’s take stock of the subject!

How to calculate the property tax for an inground pool?

A swimming pool can be built in your garden so that everyone can enjoy it at any time. It may have tax consequences. An inground pool can have a significant impact on the rental value of a property. Property tax is calculated based on the size of the pool.

The formula is as follows: 200 euros x square meters and the coefficients which are voted by the municipality and the district each year.

If you declare the construction of your pool within the 90 days following its completion, you can benefit from a two-year exemption from property tax.

Is there a charge for an inground pool under 10m2?

The swimming pool is not taxable if its surface is less than 10 m2. Its construction is not subject to authorisation. A swimming pool of less than 10m2 is the best option if you do not want to pay taxes and duties for the construction of a swimming pool in your garden.

How do I know if my in-ground pool has been declared for tax purposes?

Certain obligations must be respected when a swimming pool is installed in your garden. If the pool has more than 10 m2a statement must be done. Within three months following the completion of the work, the declaration must be made to the tax authorities.

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It is important to understand that an undeclared swimming pool can expose you to tax adjustment. It is important to follow the regulations in place (application for a building permit, prior declaration of the work).
To find out if your pool has been declared taxable, go to the town hall.

You must complete form 6704 to declare the pool for taxes. It must be filed with the property tax department within 90 days. The document called “DAACT”, or declaration of completion and conformity of the work, will mention the date of completion. This document is provided by the project manager at the town hall.