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Fats: which ones to choose?

Essential to the proper functioning of the body, fats nevertheless have a bad press. Indeed, some claim, wrongly, that they would be harmful to health, others even go so far as to say that they should be banned from the diet. It is true that not all fats are created equal in terms of nutrients and health effects. But then, which ones to choose? The answer in this article dedicated to the fats to favor.

Definition: what is a fat?

Fats belong to the category of lipids. They are essential for the body because they constitute an important source ofenergyof vitamins as well asFatty acids. However, if consumed in excess and if they are of poor quality, they can significantly increase health risks!

Fats contain different types of fatty acids, namely:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids : they are mainly found in vegetable oils (olive, walnuts, rapeseed, etc.), oilseeds, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, etc.) and in certain meats. They contribute in particular to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Saturated fatty acids : they are, for their part, present in certain vegetable oils, including palm oil. However, they are mostly found in animal products, such as cheese, butter, fresh cream and fatty meats. If they are consumed in too large quantities, they can then promote the onset of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Trans fatty acids : it is possible to identify them on the labels thanks to the name “partially hydrogenated oils or fats”. To preserve good health, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the consumption of foods that contain it. The reason ? Trans fatty acids, if consumed in excess, can greatly promote the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.
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In principle, fats containing a majority ofunsaturated fatty acids should represent the half of the lipid diet. Fats containing a majority ofsaturated fatty acids are, for their part, to be consumed with moderation. Finally, fats containing trans fatty acids are at to avoidbeing harmful to health.

several fats to favor

What is the difference between added fat and hidden fat?

Added fats are those that we add ourselves to our dishes. They are generally used for bake Where season. The vegetal oils and the dairy productssuch as butter or fresh cream, are part of the added fats.

The so-called hidden fats are those that go into the constitution same certain foods. Many foods contain hidden fats. Oily fish, beef, eggs, avocado and oilseeds are among them.

5 fats to absolutely favor

Prefer added fats

raw butter

Contrary to popular belief, butter is not harmful to heart health. Quite the contrary! Yes, it contains saturated fats. But if he is believedof good quality and is consumed with moderation, butter can be a great ally for your health. In fact, some claim that eating raw butter could help with weight loss.

To take full advantage of the benefits of butter, it should not be heated and, even less, cooked. The ideal is to melt it on food, or else, to eat it on toast. Note that raw butter must be chosen with the greatest care. To be beneficial to health, it must, in fact, be made from raw cow milk grass fed.

raw butter one of the preferred fats

Olive oil

A must in Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is rich in Omega 3in omega-6 and in omega-9. Fatty acids that, in addition to reducing bad cholesterol levels and increasing good ones, help keep skin deeply hydrated. In short, olive oil is a source of good fats. It is also present in the paleo diet.

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Coconut oil

Did you know ? Coconut oil is one of the most popular foods easy to digest. Among other things, it is full of monounsaturated fatty acids, including omega-9 fatty acids. In addition, it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega-6) and fatty acid (omega-3). As a reminder, such fatty acids are beneficial to heart healthbut not only !

For cooking, coconut oil is highly recommended. The reason ? It supports cooking better than other vegetable oils, such as olive oil, for example. The benefits of coconut oil are thus not altered during cooking! In addition, coconut oil is a good alternative to butter in case of lactose intolerance.

Preferred hidden fats


Avocado contains not only mono fats and polyunsaturated. But also, vitamins C and E, which help to have a more radiant, more hydrated and less sagging skin. The avocado is thus a great source of fat! It also fits perfectly into a diet to gain weight naturally, such as a high calorie diet, for example.

For the planet, it is better to favor avocados from European countriessuch as Spain or Portugal, than those coming from South American countries, such as Peru.

avocados on green background


Eggs do contain cholesterol. However, they are excellent for health. To fill up Omega 3it is recommended to consume approximately 6 eggs per week. Note that the eggs must come from free-range hens and, ideally, be organic.

Take care of yourself and your health;