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Everything you need to know about the tongue scraper

Improving the appearance of the tongue, fighting bad breath, preventing the appearance of infections… The tongue scraper is a great tool for a healthier mouth! However, it is still very little known in the West. Why use the tongue scraper? How to use it ? Overview of the tongue scraper, a major ally of oral hygiene.

Definition: what is a tongue scraper?

The tongue scraper, also called tongue scraper, is a small tool used to eliminate from the surface of the tongue all leftover food and bacteriawhich may remain after brushing your teeth.

Many people don’t know this, but the bacteria responsible for halitosis often reside on the tongue. For information, halitosis, more commonly known as “bad breath», designates all the unpleasant odors that emerge from the mouth.

Although there are different types of tongue cleaners, the most common model remains the one in U-shape.

Good to know : it is not uncommon to observe a whitish deposit on the tongue, this is what is called in Ayurvedic medicine: “ama”. Ama is an accumulation of unmetabolized waste, which cannot be used by the body. In other words, these are toxins !

tongue scraper surrounded by toothbrushes

What are the benefits of the tongue scraper?

Improve the appearance of the tongue

The use of the tongue scraper has a significant impact on the appearance of the tongue. Thanks to this tool, finish thewhitish appearance and pasty ! For a pink and healthy tongue, there’s nothing like the tongue scraper.

Fight against bad breath

Bacteria present on the tongue are often responsible for the formation of whitish deposit, the cause of bad breath. The tongue scraper is therefore a major ally in the fight against halitosis!

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Note that bad breath can be linked to a gastric problem, esophageal Where dental. It is therefore not necessarily caused by the presence of bacteria on the tongue. In case of halitosis, it is recommended to consult a health professional to determine the origin.

Prevent infections with the tongue scraper

Using a tongue scraper eliminates the bacteria present on the tongue, and thus avoids ingesting them and contracting the possible infections that they might generate.

Tongue scraper: how (well) to use it?

In Ayurvedic medicine, the tongue scraper is used morningmore precisely, when you wake up, when you are young, before brushing your teeth.

As for the instructions for use, nothing could be simpler: just hold a branch of the tongue scraper in each hand and gently scrape the tongue, starting from the back of the throat to the tip of the language. It is important to be careful not to press too hard, at the risk of damaging the taste buds. It is enough, then, to pass the tongue scraper under water, then to renew the passage, 3 times or more, depending on the state of the language. In principle, after the various passages, the tongue should be more pink and free of the whitish deposit.

Good to know : if the tongue is particularly charged, it may sometimes be necessary to use the tongue scraper when waking up as well asbefore bedtime.

Which tongue scraper to choose?

The material of the tongue scraper is very important. the pure copper is highly recommended, due to its anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties! In addition, it has the advantage of promoting the secretion of enzymes that feed the good bacteria of the microbiota.

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Note that there are tongue cleaners in medical grade plasticin stainless steel and even in gold.

woman using a tongue scraper

Tongue scraper: effectiveness, precautions for use and danger

According to dentists, a tongue scraper would be close to 30% more efficient than a toothbrush to remove bacteria from the tongue. But that’s not all: it would reach areas further away from the tongue than a toothbrush and in a less aggressive way.

According to health professionals, excessive scraping of the tongue could harm the development of good bacteria and promoteappearance of pathologies. The gesture could also prove useless on a healthy tongue, given that it cleans itself by salivary contact on the palate.

The tongue scraper does not present a danger in itself, if used correctly. It is, however, good to remember that language is a fragile mucosa. In the event of bleeding or pain, it is therefore imperative to stop the scraping, at the risk of altering the surface of the tongue and increasing the risk of wounds.

Good to know : excessive use of the tongue scraper can sometimes lead to dysgeusia, that is, a disorder of the sense of taste. The alteration of the taste buds following a bit too intensive scraping of the tongue can, in fact, cause a temporary loss of taste.

Take care of yourself and your health;