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Eurodif: Does this brand still exist?

There was a time, the name ofEurodif came up very often in the business world. However, many buyers who used to have information about this mythical store no longer hear about it. What has become of this brand today? Has it changed its name or does it simply no longer exist? Here is everything you need to know about the Eurodif shop right now!

Focus on the Eurodif brand

Eurodif is a shop that was created in 1921 in Brest. She then bore the name of “Léon Le Soldeur”. Belonging to Omnium groupthe Eurodif concept stems from a long family history. It was from 1980 that the name Eurodif was adopted. The brand then experienced dazzling growth with in 1985 nearly 24 stores for 480 employees.

Eurodif is a brand initially specialized in the sale and supply of articles and accessories for fashion. It goes from clothes until shoes passing through the bags, the lingerie and the jerseys of bath. However, over the years, the brand has integrated the sale of products dedicated to decoration home to his activity. It was therefore a question ofhousehold items for’home layout or various decoration ideas.

Since the nineties, Eurodif is installed at the rue Charbonerie, in the heart of the Briochin city. The company also offers various inexpensive clothes, beautiful upholstery, cozy duvets, etc. Over the years, Eurodif has grown further with the acquisition of brands such as Burton, Bouchara, Devred, thing thing and Leon & Co. The brand has also increased its presence in France with more than 80 stores across the whole of France.

Bouchara replaces Eurodif
Bouchara replaces Eurodif

The Eurodif brand no longer exists

In 2017, the Eurodif brand has officially changed its name to now become Bouchara. Indeed, the store merged with this brand following the signing of a sign license. Since then, the 80 points of sale of this town center brand in band Omnium are all operated under the Bouchara name. This association then gave birth to an offer, Home and Homewearwhich is unique in France.

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The merger between Eurodif and Bouchara is the logical continuation of a partnership that was already launched in 1992. In addition to the 80 stores in France, the entire team of the former Eurodif brand is also part of this new adventure launched in 2017. Since this year, the clients discovered a new layout associated with a new product offering. The Bouchara collections are now focused on a variety of styles that are regularly expanded and renewed.

With the disappearance of the Eurodif brand, there is then a real renaissance for the Bouchara brand. Indeed, it had suffered from the restructuring undertaken by the Omnium group in 2006. Several of its stores were then sold under their own name to the former Eurodif brand. Also, the disappearance of Eurodif marks the end of ready to wear. The Bouchara offer is now refocused solely on the house. Thus, only a few lines of underwear and interior clothing had initially survived before completely disappearing from the shelves. So, no more Eurodif. Place henceforth in Bouchara, a lifestyle brand designed for well-being and home comfort.