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box-epitomaxEpitomax is not the only drug that has been diverted from its initial indication.

We have all taken drugs hoping that their action is devoid of undesirable effects, but some smart people, whether they belong to the medical profession or not, use these undesirable effects of a drug to remedy a problem that is not on the indications. of the product.

We you explains everything on Epitomax

This medication, the prescription of which is strictly supervised by the medical profession, is indicated in very specific cases, and more particularly in the case of people who suffer from pathologies of neurological origin such as epilepsy and migraine.

The laboratory manufacturer of Epitomax does not mention in any case the possibility of its use as a product for weight loss.
Moreover, a simple consultation of the warnings issued by the highest health authorities in France against the use of Epitomax as a weight loss product, should encourage you to think long and hard before deciding to use it for this purpose.
afssaps-communicate-epitomaxThe AFSSAPS (French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products) warns patients against the misuse of the drug Epitomax and its generics based on Topiramate.
It seems that this antiepileptic and anti-migraine drug is prescribed to patients with the aim of losing weight, whereas this indication has never been evaluated or validated and the use for this purpose can expose patients to real risks, this is why the AFSSAPS asks doctors and pharmacists to respect the indications for Epitomax.

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In the list of side effects that Epitomax can cause in patients, it is indicated that weight loss is among the most common and most recurrent effects.
We then understand that it is this effect, originally considered undesirable, which has seduced many people to adopt it as an appetite suppressant to lose weight.

the mode of action of Epitomax

Epitomax consists of a substance called Topiramate which acts in the brain by regulating nerve impulses between neurons to prevent their overload and thus avoid epileptic or migraine attacks.

Topiramate is an analogue of the neurotransmitter GABA or thegamma aminobutyric acid : it increases its activity.
the GABA exerts an inhibitory effect on the brain and prevents prolonged excitations of neurons.
These inhibitory effects serve to balance the excitatory effects of glutamate known for its excitatory role in neurons.

In less scientific language, let’s say that Epitomax regulates neurotransmitters in such a way as to prevent seizures due to epilepsy.
On the other hand, its action on migraine attacks is real, but its mechanism of action remains little known.

During all these years of using Epitomax, it has been realized that one of the side effects it triggers in people who use it, is a noticeable and in some cases extreme weight loss. anorexia (!).
The side effects of Epitomax are not limited to this weight loss, other side effects are also quite common, such as: mood disorders, confusion, dizziness, tingling in the extremities, insomnia, trembling, fatigue, irritability…

Epitomax, is it therefore dangerous?

Not if used in the right context!

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To reassure users of Epitomax who consume it to calm their migraine attacks or epileptic seizures, these side effects are not systematic and of course do not all occur at the same time in the same person. And it is precisely to limit these effects that monitoring and medical supervision is necessary.

In addition to these effects, Epitomax presents negative interactions with several other drugs and in particular with the contraceptive pill whose effectiveness it reduces.
The people to whom this product has been prescribed, given that they are of course the subject of follow-up by their doctor, have no need to worry about this interaction. Their attending physician will take their tolerance and medical history into account before prescribing Epitomax.
The same cannot be said for people who persist in consuming it outside the legal and controlled medical framework.
Self-medication, especially when it comes to drugs that act on the brain, is dangerous and can cause very critical health complications.

It is not a question of taking an accusing look at desperate overweight people who have, perhaps, used all the means at their disposal or almost to lose weight, and who find in this kind of product a last resort and a last glimmer of hope. On the contrary, our objective is precisely to enlighten our readers on the dangers associated with the use of medicinal products for a purpose other than that which appears in their initial indication, because serious health problems can arise following a meditated diversion of ‘a drug… and at this stage, management will become more complicated.
The repercussions on health being more critical, it will no longer be a question of losing extra pounds, but of remedying a much more threatening evil.

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Most products that act on the brain as an appetite suppressant, cause the absence of pleasure in contact with food, or even a feeling of disgust.

And frankly, depriving yourself of one of the most basic pleasures would be agonizing torment to body and mind.

Our opinion on Epitomax

It would be a shame to trade your pounds for depression!
But then what to do to get rid of those extra pounds that weigh heavily on morale?

There is necessarily a suitable solution that will allow each person to lose weight without endangering their own health. The key to successful weight loss is to listen to your body, try to figure out why it put on those pounds and how long it took, and then figure out the solution. most suited to their needs.
There is no shortage of safe and healthy solutions, so why risk your health: document yourself well before choosing your diet pill.

Last update: March 19, 2022.