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Energy bonus: how to benefit from it?

In France, poorly insulated housing is a major source of energy waste and pollution. To overcome such a problem, the government has set up the energy bonus, an aid whose primary purpose is to help finance renovation work to improve the thermal performance of homes. Help which, by the way, is aimed at both owners and tenants! What is the energy bonus? And more importantly, how can you benefit from the energy bonus? Answer in this article.

Prime energy: what is it?

The energy bonus is part of the system of energy saving certificates (EEC), as part of the financing of the energy transition. And this, according to the law of July 13, 2005, fixing the orientations of the energy policy.

Thus, this law forces energy suppliers to encourage consumers to save money. In particular, through energy renovation works. Depending on their nature, the costs of this work can then be partially or totally covered by the energy bonus.

In fact, the energy bonus can take different forms:

  • Purchase or discount vouchers;
  • Premium or transfer by check;
  • Loans at subsidized rates;
  • Technical advice and diagnostics;
  • Etc.
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What are the conditions to obtain it?

Financial aid linked to energy saving certificates, including the energy bonus, is intended for all households. And this, whatever the financial situation of the household. On the other hand, it is essential to meet the following criteria, in order to be able to benefit from the energy bonus:

  • Be the owner or tenant of the accommodation, and it must have been built for more than 2 years in metropolitan France;
  • Call on a professional RGE (Recognized guarantor of the environment) to carry out the work;
  • The work performed must meet the performance standards in effect.
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Finally, it is worth pointing out that the accommodation in question may be a Principal residence Where secondary.

Which suppliers offer the energy bonus?

All the energy suppliers are affected by the energy bonus. And this, whatever their sector of activity: gas, electricity, LPG, fuels, or even fuel oil.

However, energy suppliers, such as EDF or Engie, are not the only ones to be affected by the energy bonus. From major brands such as, for example, E. Leclerc or Intermarché, can also be. Furthermore, some specialized sites such as, Which energy or Energy saving, can offer the energy bonus.

What are the eligible works?

Work eligible for the energy bonus is all work aimed at improve energy performance of a dwelling. Among the works concerned, you will find in particular:

  • Installation of a low energy impact heating system;
  • Insulation of attics, roofs and floors;
  • Installation of a solar water heater;
  • The installation of devices to optimize the heating of the dwelling.

How much is the energy premium?

As we have already seen, the amount of the premium varies according to the nature of the work and energy supplier selected. Thus, the premium can partially or totally finance the completion of your energy renovation work. To get a clearer idea of ​​the amount of aid you will be able to receive, we advise you to carry out a free simulation online.

In addition, if you are a low-income household, be aware that the boost bonus may be more attractive in your situation. And for good reason, unlike the energy bonus, the boost bonus varies according to your income. Anyway, it’s always interesting to compare different aids, to find the one that suits you best. Note that the energy bonus and the boost bonus cannot be combined.

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Finally, how can you benefit from the energy bonus?

To benefit from the energy bonus, the application for aid for energy saving certificates must be made in accordance with a number of steps. And this, even before having started the work and until its conclusion. To do this you will need to:

  • Check that the work you wish to undertake is eligible for the energy bonus;
  • Select several energy suppliers and compare quotes;
  • accept an offer;
  • find a professional EGR who will do the work;
  • Sign the quote drawn up by the RGE professional you have chosen. It is advisable to sign and date the estimate by hand;
  • Have the work carried out by the selected professional.
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Then, once the work is finished, you will have to:

  • Date and sign thesworn statement given to you by your energy supplier. This certificate must summarize the work carried out;
  • Send the energy supplier all the supporting documents mentioned above relating to the work, as well as the invoices.

In case of questions or difficulties, know that you can get help throughout the process by a specialist adviser France Renov. This will give you all the answers you need to complete your project.

Take care of yourself and your home;