Does PhenQ really work ? The 3 fascinating things you've to know

Does PhenQ really work ? WE CAN SAY A "BIG" YES !

Diet, fitness equipment, sports… Maybe you've already tried everything to lose weight, even food supplements! In the latter case, there is a wide variety of solutions on the market. All in all, there are some that are very popular, such as PhenQ. This slimming supplement is recognized by many specialized sites as a good solution to lose weight quickly.

Does PhenQ really work ?

But, what is it really ? What is the opinion of doctors and users about it ?

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What is PhenQ ?

PhenQ is a dietary supplement that acts as a fat burner. Manufactured in the United States and the United Kingdom, this slimming solution is very popular and not without reason. The sales arguments are rather catchy :

  • appetite suppressant
  • energizing
  • no side effects
  • based on natural products
  • contributes to the good mood
  • etc.

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How not to be tempted ? And yet, it is important to be careful and ask the right questions. Most specialized sites do not often talk about the disadvantages and contraindications of PhenQ. But in all things, it must be recognized that there is some truth in the commercial arguments of the offer.

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Why buy PhenQ ?

The PhenQ food supplement is truly an effective solution for weight loss. It not only helps to burn fat, but also prevents the production of new fat cells. Moreover, it is an excellent appetite suppressant that limits your cravings for snacks. Thanks to its energy booster effect, PhenQ allows you to feel good all day long and to have enough strength to carry out your daily tasks or physical exercises. The magnesium it contains helps you to have a restful sleep and therefore to be more productive once you are on your feet. It should also be noted that among the many benefits of the slimming solution are the prevention of cardiovascular disease and improved digestion.

Furthermore, PhenQ is a dietary supplement that benefits from the "Doctor trusted" guarantee, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approval. All these achievements are a sign of quality for PhenQ capsules. In addition, it was developed by the specialized subsidiary of the Bauer Group. The Bauer Group's specialist subsidiary has a good reputation in the field for the effectiveness of its products and the fact that they are not harmful to health.Special offers

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For PhenQ to work: What dosage should I follow ?

For greater safety, it is useful to follow the recommended dosage, which is two tablets per day, one tablet at breakfast and another at lunch. It is preferable to take your capsules at the same time as you eat for greater effectiveness. Taking more tablets will not accelerate fat loss in any way. As for the duration of the treatment, it depends on each case. In general, to have visible results, a three-month treatment is required. So when we consider the fact that a box of PhenQ is composed of 60 capsules and that a dosage of 2 per day must be followed, the calculation is simple: on average, 3 boxes of PhenQ are needed to achieve satisfactory results.

What are the contraindications and adverse effects ?

The contraindications of PhenQ concern diabetics, pregnant/lactating women and children under 18 years of age. This list of people is not authorized to take the slimming pill.

As far as side effects are concerned, to date there are no known side effects of PhenQ. Indeed, the product is only made up of natural products that only act positively on health. However, on some forums, users complain about the unpleasant taste they feel when taking the capsules. Even if they are really rare, there are also returns according to which some users have had side effects such as sleep problems, stomach aches, nausea or headaches.

What do healthcare professionals think ?

PhenQ is certainly effective, but is not a miracle product although there are many positive opinions on the subject. Without a healthy diet, physical effort and a healthy lifestyle, there is very little chance that an investment in such a solution will pay off. And there are many people who have not yet reached their slimming goal for this reason. So this is not a scam. On the contrary, Bauer Nutrition's PhenQ is almost a good weight loss supplement, but on its own it cannot be effective. In addition, great care should be taken when buying the slimming solution, as there are many counterfeit products that are sold online.

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* These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. These products do not require a prescription or approval from a physician as they are herbal products and do not contain any ingredients requiring a prescription. The results described in the testimonials are not necessarily typical and your results may be different. Consult your doctor before starting a diet, exercise program or before taking any weight-loss product to avoid health problems.