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Ecological bedding: how to choose it?

Having a deep and restorative sleep is essential to be able to start the day in the best possible conditions. Indeed, the quality of your sleep largely determines your health and mood! It is therefore essential to put all the chances on your side, to be able to sleep soundly. But only, how to improve your sleep? By opting for quality ecological bedding, of course!

Definition: what is ecological bedding?

Made from healthy materials and high quality, ecological bedding ensures optimal sleeping conditions. While preserving your health, thanks to the guarantee of chemical-free manufacturing. Thus, ecological bedding does not risk exposing the sleeper to endocrine disruptors, which is unfortunately the case with conventional bedding. Sleeping in ecological bedding is also very beneficial to people with allergies. And for good reason, ecological bedding offers excellent protection against dust mites!

Choosing ecological bedding also means ensuring the nature conservation. Indeed, when you opt for bedding with an organic label, you can be sure that the materials are of natural origin. But also, that they have a low environmental impact at each stage of their transformation. In addition, to make the most eco-responsible purchase possible, consider opting for bedding made in France.

woman reading to choose ecological bedding

Choosing ecological bedding: the purchasing criteria to take into account

Ecological mattress

eco-friendly latex mattress

Made from rubber tree sap, the natural latex mattress is a rather high-end product. However, its price is largely justified by the comfort and the back support quality offered by this type of mattress. In addition, latex is naturally anti-mite, as well as perfectly breathable and sustainable. Finally, for an eco-responsible choice, turn to an organic mattress made exclusively of certified natural latex. Thus, you will have the guarantee that the latex comes from responsible cultures and that it corresponds to European standards in terms of transport and work.

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Eco-friendly wool mattress

Sheep’s wool has many qualities particularly appreciated by people looking for firm comfort, for a well-maintained back. But that’s not all ! Wool is an excellent thermal insulator which protects as much from the cold as from the heat, for nights that are neither too hot nor too cold. In addition, wool naturally regulates the moisture released by the body during sleep, which is very comfortable when you tend to sweat a lot.

Wool being a natural fiber healthy and hypoallergenic, it is ideal for people who are sensitive or suffer from allergies. Moreover, with proper maintenance, a wool mattress has an exceptional lifespan of several decades.

Eco-friendly foam mattress

Eco-friendly foam mattresses are soft, comfortable and cheaper than previous models. This is why the bio foam mattress is an excellent option. Because, in addition to being affordable, it has many qualities.

Made from plant materials such as soy or theCastor oil, the environmentally friendly foam mattress does not contain harmful substances. It is therefore safe for health and suitable for sensitive or allergic people. Finally, the ecological foam mattress regulates the heat very well and also has antibacterial properties.

Ecological quilt

Your ecological bedding would not be complete without an ecological duvet! So, to keep you warm and spend comfortable nights, several options are possible. For example, you can choose a duvet filled with animal wool, which is particularly insulating and warm. The packing can then be designed in sheep’s woolofalpacaor even, of llama.

If you prefer a lighter and softer duvet, you can opt for a duvet in organic down. Finally, for a warm, light and breathable duvet, the duvet in organic silk is what you need!

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Eco-friendly sheets and duvet cover

Once you have selected your ecological mattress and duvet, you still have to find ecological sheets and a duvet cover. To do this, we recommend that you rely on the GOTS label. Such certification guarantees that the textile is of organic origin. Among other things, you will find sheets and duvet covers in organic cotton, but not only ! Indeed, you will also have the possibility of opting for other materials, such as linenthe hemp or even the organic silk.

Eco-friendly mattress protector

If you want to further protect your mattress, an ecological mattress protector will be in order! A mattress protector made of organic cotton fleece can be relatively expensive. However, this additional investment will effectively protect your mattress and further increase its lifespan. That’s why it makes sense to choose a mattress protector with a strong absorbency and a big resistance.

organic and ecological bedding

Choosing ecological bedding: the labels to choose!

There are various very useful labels to guide your choices towards quality ecological products. For example, the label Eco Institute guarantees the 100% natural origin of the latex. As far as textiles are concerned, the label IMO check guarantees respect for the environment and human rights.

The certification GOTS ensures, for its part, the origin of the fibers used and respect for the environment. Finally, the label ECOCERT makes it possible to monitor respect for the environment, as well as social conditions throughout the production chain.

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