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Eafit Drain Detox Drink BottleEAFIT Drain Detox Drink, as its name clearly suggests, presents itself as a detoxification solution that targets the toxins that have settled in our body over time. Lately, it seems that detox has become a real fashion and more and more people are getting into it? Could this be another myth that feeds the pockets of sellers? Or would it rather be a practice validated by the medical profession and desirable to undertake before any slimming diet?

On the web, many articles and posts talk more and more about detox. EAFIT Drain Detox Drink is one of those detoxifying products that arouses our curiosity which leads us to put the formula under scrutiny. What does this drink contain? Would it have real action?

Here are some answers right away…

EAFIT Drain Detox Drinkand if it was a simple placebo effect?

On a sales page for the EAFIT Drain Detox Drink, we spotted among the testimonials of alleged users of this product, the following return:

“Drinking water would have the same effect”. Karine

This struck us by the way, especially when we learned that this oral solution or “drink” contains, in addition to water, no less than 19 plant extracts! It must be said that the manufacturer of EAFIT Drain Detox Drink does not skimp on the ingredients and that it really intends to stand out.

We are used to testing detox products containing a maximum of 4 to 5 ingredients from plants. Such a number (17) of components would raise many questions from a consumer anxious to lose his excess pounds. This product is not intended for direct weight loss: it is presented as a preliminary step preparing the body for any weight loss undertaking.

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Is detox necessary to lose weight?

Not really! It is not mandatory to go through a detox cure before starting a slimming cure. However, it is highly desirable to have it because of the various benefits that can be derived from it. Why? THE answer in 5 important points; a detox cure:

  • removes well-hidden toxins;
  • takes care of the digestive system;
  • regulates blood sugar;
  • relieves stress;
  • allows you to rediscover healthy foods.

For more details about each of these points, you can consult the following Testeur Pilules article: Detox, why is it absolutely necessary to do it before losing weight?

Good! We have just wondered about the relevance of a detox cure, this exercise during which we revisit our nutritional habits to purge our body. What about detox products?

In what EAFIT Drain Detox Drink would it be useful for the body?

Eafit Drain Detox Drink TestEAFIT Drain Detox Drink is designed and marketed by the French laboratories EAFIT Minceur Active, which have described themselves as THE benchmark brand in sports nutrition since 1991. Its strength comes from the fact that more than 95% of its products are made proudly on French soil. Intended for the sports world, this range of products is the result of a collaboration between sports nutrition specialists, sports doctors, nutritionists and high-level athletes. It is in this sense that the products of this manufacturer adhere to the charter of the world anti-doping code thanks to the standard AFNOR NF V 94-001, being the subject of sharp controls in terms of quality and traceability of foreground.

EAFIT Drain Detox Drink is therefore presented by its designer as a food supplement intended for people wishing to “cleanse” their body on an ad hoc basis (before a slimming diet, a special occasion, after excess fat, etc.). It is a 21-day detox program that aims to:

  • promote the reduction of excess water;
  • detoxify the body;
  • eliminate toxins from the liver and kidneys;
  • while increasing thermogenesis to burn fat.
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It is a product for vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free, lactose-free, iodine-free and soy-free.

Ingredients EAFIT Drain Detox Drink

Here is the list of ingredients as communicated on the official site of this product:

  • Water,
  • Plant macerate: quackgrass – dandelion – black radish – witch hazel – red vine – grape marc – linden sapwood – birch – boldo – fumitory – fennel – angelica, glycerin, fructo-oligosaccharides, natural flavor,
  • Vitamins: vitamin C – vitamin E,
  • Thickener: guar gum, chlorella extract, Siliphos® milk thistle extract (soya lecithin), guarana extract (maltodextrin),
  • Sweetener: acesulfame potassium,
  • Preservatives: sodium benzoate – potassium sorbate,
  • Minerals: zinc citrate – sodium selenite, meadowsweet extract (dextrin, [nano] silicon dioxide), green tea extract, artichoke extract, mate extract (dextrin, [nano] silicon dioxide).

Eafit Drain Detox Drink Ingredients
As this product is taken in 30ml doses diluted in water, an exact dosage of each ingredient/dose is provided on the website as well as on the label of the EAFIT Drain Detox Drink package.

Note in passing that, for taste, this product contains acesulfame potassium as a sweetener.

The use of EAFIT Drain Detox Drink

It is a drink to dilute and drink in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, according to a two-phase program:

  1. Attack phase (duration 7 days): pour 30 ml (2×15 ml) of product, using the dispenser, into a large glass of water.
  2. Maintenance phase (duration 14 days): pour 20 ml of product into a large glass of water.
    You can also dilute it in a large bottle of water and drink it throughout the day.

Side effects and contraindications of EAFIT Drain Detox Drink

It is recommended to incorporate this dietary supplement into a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

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EAFIT Drain Detox Drink is not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also not recommended for people suffering from allergy to salicylates, with hypothyroidism or thyroid treatment.

This product contains caffeine at 12.42 mg/30 ml. People who consume a lot of coffee during the day should take this into consideration.

Purchase of EAFIT Drain Detox Drink on line

Eafit Drain Detox Drink IntroductionThis product is available for sale online, on its official website as well as on online pharmacy sites, at the price of 14,73€ the 500 ml bottle, lemon flavor.

Our opinion on EAFIT Drain Detox Drink

The association of 19 plant extracts in this formula testifies to the concern of a manufacturer who would like to offer a detox solution that works. Some of these extracts are there to participate in the detoxification of the body, contribute to better digestion and improve the functioning of the intestinal system. Other extracts will be used more to facilitate the elimination of water and limit its retention in the body, while another part of the ingredients will be used to improve blood circulation, to help in the burning of fats and their destocking. and help protect cells against oxidative stress.
Admittedly, this is a promising formula. However, we still have neither validated scientific studies specific to this product, nor authentic testimonials from people who can attest to the effectiveness or otherwise of EAFIT Drain Detox Drink.

Last update: January 13, 2022.