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DIY: how to make a baby mobile? (5 ideas)

A baby mobile is an essential decorative and awakening element in a newborn’s room. However, instead of buying a seen and reviewed baby mobile, isn’t it better to make it yourself? For the parents looking to save money, or who want a unique decoration for their child, there is, indeed, nothing better! Zoom on some simple ideas of baby mobile to make.

Make a baby mobile: 5 easy ideas to make!

small origami animals

Origami, from “oru” folding and “kami” paper, is a traditional art of paper folding, of Japanese descent. It is a practice that combines delicacy and poetry. Origami offers many possibilities. It is, in fact, possible to make any animals, birds, plants, flowers… It thus makes it possible to create a personalized mobile. The animals and the birds in origami are particularly suitable for a baby’s room.

Material :

  • Color square sheets;
  • Pair of scissors (if needed).

Implementation steps :

Whatever the chosen theme, origami is always made from a square sheet. It’s up to you to choose the colors and shapes according to the desired result! There are many books to learn about origami. But that’s not all: there are also a multitude of tutorials on the internet!

make an origami baby mobile

Adorable knitted comforters

Nothing better than hand-knitted comforters to dress up a baby mobile! Once again, the possibilities offered are numerous. Little acrobats and budding artists will particularly appreciate a mobile inspired by the circus. Tightrope walker, lion, zebra, giraffe will be there!

Material :

  • Cardboard;
  • balls of wool;
  • Knitting needles.

Implementation steps :

If you are more familiar with the art of knitting, knit a few small animals and men fairly bright colors. On a circular cardboard template, previously covered with wool, fix each knitted element, as if making acrobatics : head up, head down, ready to fall… Decorate everything with pompoms and have fun with the codes specific to the marquee: voila!

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Make a padded cloud baby mobile to have sweet dreams

There’s nothing like a padded cloud mobile for babies to have their head in the clouds. Thanks to this homemade object, baby will be led to spend nights under the sign of serenity. No more ugly nightmares, make way for sweet dreams!

Material :

  • Cardboard;
  • Wadding;
  • White felt;
  • transparent nylon;
  • 4 wooden chopsticks, skewer type.

Implementation steps :

First, make a cloud boss using cardboard. Then transfer it to the white felt. Then, sew the pieces two by two and fill them with wadding, before closing them. Take the small wooden sticks, or alternatively, the skewers, then attach them to each end of the six padded clouds. Bind the chopsticks together with string sheer nylon and, finally, fix everything to the ceiling.

homemade felt baby mobile

Disused old wooden toys

If you are a fan of upcycling and vintage-style, the mobile made from old wooden toys should then appeal to you. You will thus be able to give a second life to the toys lying around in your cupboards. If you don’t have any old toys at home, don’t panic: go to the flea markets and the emptyattics !

Material :

  • iron wire;
  • Golden frames;
  • Squares of wood;
  • 2 to 3 wooden toys.

Implementation steps :

First, select toys that are small in size. Using wire, fasten the toys one by one in gold frames, preferably from second hand. Finally, hang each composition on wooden brackets, hung on the wall: admire the result!

Baby birds just out of the nest in boiled wool

For a child’s room placed under the sign of candy, the baby mobile adorned with baby birds in boiled wool is ideal. Easy to make, this object will capture baby’s attention and soothe him.

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Material :

Implementation steps :

To start, rub the wool under hot water with soap. The water should be hot enough for the felting to form quickly, but not hot enough to burn it. Once the wool is felted, form small balls, which will act as the body and head for the chicks. Then do the same for the beak, legs and wings, with different colors of wool. To finish, sew the elements together, then hang the baby birds on branches rather thin : and voilà, the baby mobile is ready!

Take care of yourself and baby;