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Discover how to organize a flea market: All the steps to know

Do you want to organize a flea market, but you don’t know how to do it? The garage sale is the best opportunity for both individuals and associations to part with unnecessary business. For a good organization of this type of event, you must follow certain standards and some prerequisites. Discover here the steps and some tips to successfully organize this event.

Choice of date and location of the flea market

The realization of a flea market begins with the choice of date and place. Indeed, far from being trivial, it is important to meticulously choose the date several weeks or several months in advance. This will help meticulously manage all the details of the event and make good communication about it. That said, the chosen date should not compete with other events. The ideal is to favor a weekend or a holiday to attract the most buyers.

When it comes to location, choosing the right setting will be decisive for exhibitors and attracting visitors. It is possible to opt for a public space, a local, a garden or a garage. However, note that this type of outdoor event in a city center or in a public space is more likely to interest visitors and buyers.

Do the administrative procedures

For a successful flea market, you need to have a few permissions prerequisites. Indeed, if the event is to take place in a public space, it will be necessary to apply for temporary authorization to occupy the public domain at the town hall. The lead time can be quite long. It is therefore advisable to make the request at least 3 months before the date of the event.

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In the event that this does not take place in a public space, it will be necessary to make a statement prior to sale unpacking. Once the request has been completed, it must be sent to the town hall at least 15 days before the date chosen for the event. This regulations is due to a decree of 2009 which makes mandatory the declaration before any flea market.

Promote the flea market

Whether for a particular or a association, consideration should be given to promoting the event for it to be successful. To this end, dissemination channels such as social networks, newsletters or even the Site (s website are means of communication to reach your targets. Also, note that good communication also depends on the quality of the content. It must be relevant, coherent and airy with some images if necessary.

In addition to these modern means of promotion, it will also be necessary to take into account the traditional means of communication. Posters, flyers and local radio remain effective means of communication to reach the local community. That said, it is recommended to choose a graphic designer for the production of posters and flyers in order to make the event more credible and attractive.

Have a notebook for exhibitors and take steps with taxes

the register of the sellers aims to list the name, address, references of the identity document and the denominations of each exhibitor of the flea market. A model of this type of register was fixed on May 15, 2020 by an order and is accessible online. This must be signed by the mayor before the garage sale and must be sent within 8 days of the flea market to the local prefecture. In the absence of register or refusal to present one, the organizer risks a fine up to 30,000 euros.

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As for the taxation, the tax service must be informed 3 days before the flea market. The profits and expenses made following the event must be communicated to the tax authorities 30 days after the event. If the flea market is carried out by an organizing company, then the profits are subject to commercial taxes as well as to the declaration of VAT.

In cases where the garage sale is qualified as a non-profit activity, there is no taxation. If the organizing association is lucrative and these profits do not exceed 61,145 euros per year, there is no taxation.

All in all, to make a successful flea market, you must set a date and choose a location beforehand. Next, think about advertising your event. Don’t forget to complete the related administrative procedures.