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Product Name : DietBon

Responsible: K-SANTE.

Website: www.dietbon.fr

French language

Pitch: Slimming meals delivered to your home.

Price: From €111.00/week.

Format: Diet Box

Delivery: Fast (24 to 48 hours).

Guarantee: 14-day withdrawal period.

Description from DietBon:

The “DietBon” diet is a slimming program based on diet meals prepared and delivered directly to your home.

Evaluation from DietBon:

“DietBon” is a low-calorie diet that offers healthy meals delivered to your home.

The concept is based on slimming boxes that contain meals cooked and delivered to your home, which you then simply need to reheat in the microwave.

In order to allow you to lose weight without frustration, the meals of “Dietbon” are prepared by cooks on the advice of dieticians to offer you tasty menus with controlled intake and portions!

To push you in the right direction, the “DietBon” scheme has chosen to only provide meals for 6 days out of 7, giving you the opportunity to cook your healthy and healthy meals yourself once a week and allow yourself so you can learn how to eat better gradually.

And to support you in this learning, advice sheets and recipes are available to you in your customer area.

Without forgetting that you will be followed by a dietician who will answer your questions throughout the duration of the program.

The ordering process is done in several steps:

1/ The program:

At first you will have to choose your program, the choice is simple since it is a question of choosing the program for men or for women.

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2/ The objective:dietbon

This second step will allow you to define your objective by selecting the duration of the slimming program according to the number of kilos you wish to lose.

3/ Meals:

This step will allow you to choose each dish according to your personal tastes, to make it easier for you, the “dietbon” team has pre-selected the menus that you will just have to modify according to your preferences.

4/ Payment:

Well, this step does not need any particular clarification, you just have to confirm the basket and proceed to checkout.

“DietBon” is more than 20 balanced and varied slimming recipes developed by a team of experienced cooks and dieticians to allow you to lose weight easily and with complete peace of mind!

Disadvantages from DietBon:

The “DietBon” prices remain quite expensive, €111 per week and you have to take per month, per 2 months, per 3 months or per 4 months to obtain a decreasing price which is quite expensive for prepared meals to be reheated.

“DietBon” is an effective slimming solution in the short term, but once the program is stopped, weight regain will be inevitable and will promote a yoyo effect if nothing is done at the dietary and physical level.

Reputation from DietBon:

Although I didn’t find many testimonials most of them are positive, so it seems that “Dietbon” has a pretty good reputation overall.

(Updated on 27/10/2016)

Someone tried to deceive everyone by doing the questions and answers to promote the “Dietbon” program.

The reputation of the DietBon program is therefore not verifiable since, from our point of view, it is quite possible that this person is responsible for many of the positive comments that influenced us in the creation of this evaluation.

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Conclusion for Dietbon:

According to the testimonies of Internet users, “DietBon” is a slimming diet that respects its commitments, the meals are delivered quickly, the dishes are quite good overall and weight loss is on the agenda.

Now, you should know that the “DietBon” regime remains a temporary solution and that if no improvement in eating behavior and in physical activity is practiced after the end of the regime, weight regain will be inevitable!

(Updated on 27/10/2016)

After discovering the actions of a person to promote the “DietBon” program on this blog, we are no longer in favor of the “Dietbon” program!

So here are, for those looking for a weight loss method, 3 100% natural and healthy slimming approaches that can provide you with effective and lasting weight loss!

1. The 3 Week Diet:
The 3 Week Diet

The “3 Week Diet” weight loss program is a 21-day diet plan developed by Brian Flatt, sports nutritionist, trainer and personal health coach, specifically designed to burn excess body fat.

The 3 Week Diet, Analysis and Opinions of Consumers.

2. Cellulite Free:
Cellulite Free

“Cellulite Free” or “How to Get Rid of Cellulite” is a unique weight loss method that will allow you to get rid of cellulite once and for all in just a few weeks.

Free of Cellulite, Analysis and Opinions of the Consumers.

3. Easy Diet:
Easy Diet

The “Easy Diet” program will help you discover the path to take to effectively change your eating habits in order to restore order in your body and regain control of your weight.

Easy Diet, Analysis and Opinions of Consumers.

Last update: January 24, 2022.

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