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Beautiful Design for Small Businesses

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At Digital Hive we price our work for exactly what you need. No one-size-fits-all confusing packages here.

If the words “custom quote” scare you – they shouldn’t. Custom doesn’t have to mean budget-busting. We’re a small business, too and we understand budget constraints. Tell us what you need, how much your budget allows, and we’ll give you a quote that will be sure to make you do a happy dance.

Bonus! We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. We design until you are happy.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]When you’re ready to get started, simply fill out this handy form below. This will give us a good idea of your needs and we’ll provide a custom quote for your project in just a day or two.[/text_block]
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Beautiful Design for Small Businesses


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