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Slim Down Club Complete Analysis

Weight Loss Club

Product Name : Trim Down Club

Brand: Trim Down Club

Controller: B2C Media Solutions Ltd.

Website: www.intro.clubbienmincir.com

French language

Pitch: Program focused on dietetics and nutrition.

Price: €49.00

Format: Online member area.

Delivery: Instant.

Warranty: 60 days (100% refund if not satisfied)

Description of Slimming Club:

The “Club Bien Mincir” is a social network offering information in the fields of nutrition and dietetics!

Evaluation from “Bien Slimming Club”:

“Club Bien Mincir” is a private social network offering relevant information on nutrition and dietetics!

It is in fact an exclusive network combining private space, discussion space and mine of information relating to thinness in general!

By becoming a member, you will be able to have access to the most recent studies concerning these fields, as well as nutrition tips and advice for a healthy and varied diet allowing you to lose weight!

You can become a member by clicking on a direct link on the home page of the “Club Bien Slimmer” site, entry costs €49 and the site does not work on the principle of subscriptions, so there is no monthly direct debits, only one-time payment.

The “Club bien slimir” site offers many useful and qualitative options to Club members.

On the homepage of the site, “Club bien slimming” offers a free video presentation informing you of the 5 foods that are prohibited in a healthy and balanced diet aimed at weight loss.

The presentation also explains the strengths of the method offered by the site:
Weight Loss Club
– No need to count calories!
– No need to starve
– What is the use of the Meal Planner!
– Personalized advice from professionals!
– The possibility of exchanging with other users of the site!
– And much more…

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The program is actually very complete, effective and also very easy to use!

Becoming a member gives you full access to all of the site’s options: information on foods to avoid, as well as the private space containing, among other things, the Meal Planner!

The Meal Planner is a tool available to all members in their private area, it is a very useful option to prepare weight loss meals day after day to put your body in ‘fat burning mode’ ‘!

Very easy to use, just choose your favorite foods and validate your list.

The Planner will instantly create a varied weekly menu that offers the perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins, allowing effective weight loss, without deprivation and with delicious meals!

The “Club bien Slimming” site offers you the possibility of having access to all your favorite recipes in order to allow you to lose weight without feeling deprived or frustrated.

In addition, these recipes will teach you how to replace products that are harmful to your health or your line, with natural products that promote weight loss!

All menus are reviewed and approved by professional dieticians before being added to the site, so you can be sure and certain that each recipe present on the private area is not only deliciously good but also effective for your loss. weight!

The “well slimming club” also offers its members the possibility of having access to advice, useful information as well as the very latest studies carried out in the fields of nutrition and dietetics, such as “Why women have -they need more vitamin D” or “Healthy cooking: foods that protect you from cancer”.

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These studies are often very informative and can allow you to adapt and improve your daily life according to your needs and expectations!

The “Club Bien Mincir” site offers you a healthy and balanced slimming solution accompanied by exchanges between members, sound advice and relevant informative studies!

Disadvantages of Slimming Club:

Many testimonials refer to the additional paid services of the “Club Bien Mincir” program which, according to a fairly large number of people, should be included with access to the private area of ​​the program!

However, it is important to note that, with the improvements that continue to be made to the program, these negative testimonials seem to be diminishing over time!

Reputation of Slimming Club:

“Club Bien Mincir” is the French version of its American equivalent “Trim Down Club” Operated by B2C Media Solutions LTD based in San Francisco, California.

Even though there are some negative testimonials, the company always works hard to resolve issues as quickly as possible and keep improving to increase customer satisfaction!

It therefore enjoys, to this day, still a mixed reputation but which, thanks to the efforts and improvements made to the program, continues to improve overall!

Conclusion for Weight Loss Club:

“Club Bien Mincir” seems to be a good weight loss program that emphasizes home cooking and a healthy, balanced diet.

Even if it is not unanimous on the Internet, the fact that this program does not claim to be a miraculous slimming solution and that it makes every effort to improve is a very good point which seems to bear fruit with its users!

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Last update: January 13, 2022.