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The race towards thinness and the hunt for calories sometimes prove to be incompatible with an ordinary life, where temptations are daily occurrences, and where one melts with pleasure and remorse in front of a good dish of Bolognese pasta or a well-stocked pizza.
It is for this reason that some laboratories have thought of developing products to help us lose weight as part of a reasonable diet.
In other words, if the slimming product manages to integrate as discreetly as possible into an already established diet, without disturbing it or disturbing it… then it would be a good product!

Carb Blocker, is it one of these products?
This is what we will see in the following test.

What is Carb Blockers?

As its name suggests, Carb Blocker is a carbohydrate blocker, manufactured by the Evolution Slimming laboratory, whose active agent is simply raw white bean extract.

This component would be able to block the transformation of thestarch contained in starchy foods, pasta and bread, in sugars.
The result of this inhibition is a reduction in the calories that the body could derive from the breakdown of sugars, this partially resembles going on a low-sugar diet!

You still have to make sure of all this and therefore subject Carb Blocker to our rigorous examination to verify these claims.
Will pass ? Will not pass? We will see.

Carb Blockers: promises from the manufacturer

Here is, text, what the manufacturer of Carb blocker says:

If you follow a low sugar diet to lose weight, it is sometimes difficult to be of exemplary attendance, if you consume starchy foods, bread, pizza and potatoes, add Carb Blocker to your diet to reduce the caloric impact, it will help you lose weight without completely cutting out carbohydrates.

This statement seems to hold water since, as we all know, we can’t really easily do without bread and its derivatives!
So, if a pill can help us lose weight with a particular focus on this form of starch addiction, that would be really, really great. So…

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What should we expect of Carb Blocker exactly?

The natural extract of white beans has the proven ability to inhibit the complete assimilation of carbohydrates by the body.
The result is, in fact, a reduction in the total quantity of sugar available in the body, and consequently a reduction in the quantity of energy that the body derives from sugars.
And in the absence of regular physical activity, these sugars can be stored as fat.

Raw white bean extract may seem like a banal product, and one might even be surprised to find so much interest in it.
And yet… its effects on weight loss are scientifically recognized since it has been the subject of several studies and has been known since the 1940s.
The methods for extracting and purifying this extract have improved significantly in recent years to offer consumers an effective product from non-genetically modified subsidiaries.

How acts actually Carb Blocker?

vial-carb-blockerIn order to understand the action of this pill, a brief reminder of the mechanism of carbohydrate digestion is necessary.

When we consume carbohydrates, that is to say products containing complex sugars, the best known of which is the starch found, for example, in potatoes, bread and pasta; a beginning of digestion takes place during mastication with the help of the amylase contained in the salivary glands.
The vast majority of this digestion takes place in the intestine thanks to a pancreatic enzyme called alpha amylasewhich breaks the long chains of starch and transforms them into simple sugars like glucose, as explained in the diagram below.
This has the ultimate effect of producing energy for the body, but also of stimulating insulin, which is the storage enzyme for sugars converted into fat and stored in the form of adipose tissue, the primary cause of weight gain.

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How to Carb Blocker does he intervene to block the breakdown of sugars?

Carb Blocker is made from white kidney bean extract (phaseolus vulgaris) which contains phaseolamin. The latter has the ability to inhibit the action of alpha amylase.
The phaseolamin neutralizes the action ofalpha amylase and prevents it from breaking down carbohydrates into simple sugars, allowing them to pass through the digestive system with less caloric impact.
The phaseolamin neutralizes the effect of sugars from starch, which is very beneficial for people (including diabetics) who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake.


Starch molecule

Several studies have tested the effect of phaseolamin.
Some of these studies undertaken have demonstrated its action on lowering blood sugar and postprandial insulin levels.
Other studies have shown that the phaseolamin inhibits up to 96% of the activity ofalpha amylase in the intestine on pasta starch.

The action of the phaseolamin on weight loss was tested in subjects who consumed carbohydrates regularly.
After 4 weeks, the group that had an appropriate dose of phaseolamin lost 4 kg on average.
This result is all the more satisfactory as no side effects have been reported.

That’s allabout Carb Blocker?

We now know that Carb Blocker inhibits the breakdown of starch into simple sugars, which reduces caloric intake and prevents the storage of excess fat.
The logical result of this action is weight loss even while keeping the same eating habits such as eating pasta, pizza or delicious baked potatoes.

In addition to theWHITE BEAN EXTRACT already mentioned above and which represents the main active ingredient, Carb Blocker contains:

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It provides caffeine, helps control appetite and avoids the feeling of fatigue;

Which stimulates immunity as well as bodily activity in general;

Fat burner which participates in improving the effect of weight loss.

How take Carb Blockers?

For effective treatment, it is important to respect the mode of administration of Carb Blocker.
It is necessary to take 1 capsule, 10 to 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 10 to 30 minutes before lunch.

If you can eat light in the evening or skip dinner altogether, you will have better results.

Side effects by Carb Blocker

No adverse effects reported to date.
Moreover, this is well explained by the natural composition of this pill.

However, we would like to remind you that food supplements are not recommended for pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding and anyone under specific medical treatment.

Our opinion on Carb Blocker

To view Carb Blocker’s detailed offerings, visit its official website.


CARB BLOCKER Price: 12€ for 1 month, 21€ for 2 months, 29€ for 3 months. Product available on the official website

Last update: September 14, 2022.