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Can Shine Armor be used on fiberglass ?

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Can Shine Armor be used on boats (especially fibreglass boats)?

If there is one surface that is subject to the aggressions of “Mother Nature”, it is boats:

  • sea spray
  • salts
  • sand
  • sea water
  • acid river water

The result: your boat, which you pamper so much, will end up with a hull that becomes damaged and dull…

So why not give it a new lease of life with Shine Armor!

This wax with incredible properties, which has already seduced tens of thousands of buyers, works wonderfully on boats (on bicycles, motorbikes, in short, all vehicles that eventually shine…)

It is not dangerous for the strength of the boat’s hull, but we advise you to spray the hull with a quick burst of water before applying it (it is always preferable to carry out a test on a non-visible surface of the hull and to wait half an hour to see if the surface reacts favourably).

Shine Armor is available online only and unfortunately not available from any boat care retailer.

So who will end up with the most sparkling boat in the Marina?

Whoever is smart enough to get hold of Shine Armor!

Fast delivery depending on your country of residence: but be sure to order from the right website.

If you are a resident of the United States, the link to order Shine Armor is this:

Order Shine Armor if I Iive in United States


If you are NOT a US resident, the link to order Shine Armor is this one:

Order Shine Armor if I live OUTSIDE United States


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Caution : A lot of false products are sold on the Web. We recommend to order on the Official Distributor Shine Armor.

Take advantage of up to 52% discount on the purchase of your Shine Armor products by ordering from the official manufacturer.

Directly available from the official manufacturer based in Florida (USA), Shine Armor can be ordered online.

  • Fast Delivery
  • Satisfied or Money Back Guarantee
  • The guarantee to buy the official product and not a vulgar copy.

Want to know more about Shine Armor ?

If you would like to know more about the product or order it directly from the manufacturer :

Manufacturer’s contact information

Shine Products LLC 8600 Long leaf Dr. Parkland FL, 33076 for any information

Shine Armor: A wax that exploits the power of ceramics

This boat product is a ceramic-based compound boat protection restorer.

Shine Armor is composed of different products to (re)give this extraordinary shine:

  • perfect combination of SiO2 ceramic coating
  • suitable for marine vehicles and other demanding surfaces
  • 20X more resistant and of higher quality than traditional waxes
    gloss of the varnish
  • simplified use thanks to its spray diffusion
  • developed in the laboratory, a user-friendly and innovative technology

A complement to the protection of your boat after its wash that will replace the wax you used to use before.

The sun’s rays deteriorate boat‘s protective coating. And without protection, this paint will look more and more dull and bland. Thanks to the ceramics applied to the surface of your boat, your bodywork will regain its almost original paint (exterior appearance in any case).

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Why are the opinions are unanimous on Shine Armor?

Thanks to its laboratory-tested technology based on ceramic compounds, no car or boat is resistant to it.

It is a cleaning product for vehicle paint (boat, car, motorcycle, scooter …).

Its patented protection system will not only remove scratches on your bodywork, but will also allow you to clean your boat without water.

With a perfect finish, even when applied in direct sunlight (which is not the case with classic polishes), Shine Armor boat product will not leave you insensitive.

It is a boat cleaning product very well known by boat dealerships in particular because it is used to obtain a quality finish, and a paint with an incredible gloss effect. This is an obligation when you want to present a boat in a showroom for example to sell it.

Shine Armor : Quality protection products

This ceramic-based protection product will easily remove shallow scratches on your boat. The customers’ opinion is unanimous (see below the reviews from TrustPilot).

A good protection against ageing or tarnishing of your bodywork is the application of a protective product. The ceramics contained in Shine Armor product will allow in only one application to give again a youthfulness to the body of your boat.

Enhance your boat to sell it !

Is Shine Armor available for purchase on Amazon?

However, this product is much easier to find on the Internet through the manufacturer than on Amazon.

Indeed, many counterfeits are circulating on the Internet, and it would be a shame to damage your vehicle with a vulgar copy of this product.

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With often price reductions and -50% offered by the official manufacturer, delivery offered, this protection spray for your vehicle is no longer waiting for you to order it.

Here are some excerpts from customer reviews of Shine Armor (manufacturer of the product) available on the independent website TrustPilot

The product works wonderfully, I won’t be using it for my Dodge anymore! I made a small mistake in my order, but I contacted customer service and the problem was solved immediately. Thank you Shine Armor – opinion of a Denver’s driver


The Shine Armor product is simply amazing, with only one application! The protective coating on my car looks great! I even managed to make a few scratches disappear! It was really great ???? ! And my interior now looks brand new! I really love it! I love it so much that I’m going to clean my husband’s truck! I can’t wait ! – opinion of a BMW driver


Summary of advantages and disadvantages

Here’s Why Customers Trust Shine Armor…

Our Competitors
❌ Outdated Silicone Coating ✅ Advanced Si02 Ceramic Coating Formula
❌ Requires Water ✅ No Water Need
❌ No Washing & Cleaning Features ✅ One-Step Solution (Wash, Shine, Protect)
❌ Expensive ✅ Cost Effective
❌ Lasts for 2-7 days ✅ Last 2-3 Months
❌ Non Weather Resistant ✅ Ceramic Weather Coating
❌ Strips Paint ✅ No Smearing, Streaking, or Scratching
❌ Evaporates Due To Head ✅ Ability to Withstand Extreme Heat