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Can CBD affect your libido?

The sexual act is an intimate moment during which you share moments of pleasure with your partner. However, it becomes a source of disappointment and discomfort for some because of libido disorders that can affect one of the partners. Is your sex life going through trouble and are you wondering if CBD could work on your libido? Find the answer to your concern here.


CBD and its action on the libido!

CBD promotes blood circulation in the body. In man, poor blood circulation influences the Libido several studies prove it. In reality, the blood circulates in the penis during the erection and it is besides its entry in this one which makes you bend.

Cannabidiol promotes blood circulation and allows the regulation of its pressure. However, it should be noted that it acts globally on the whole body and not just in one place as is the case with viagra.

Otherwise, CBD helps to have longer and more satisfying orgasms. It conducts blood flow to the tissues and helps improve nerve sensation. These two cumulative effects help to intensify the pleasure during sexual intercourse.


CBD acts on libido by reducing stress and anxiety

Stress is one of the factors known to cause low libido. Anxious situations create an emotional blockage that reduces the desire to make love and share moments of intimacy with his or her partner. CBD has the effect of reducing these feelings of anxiety and stress.

Studies carried out in this direction have revealed that CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and on the area of ​​the brain responsible for moods. As a result, it produces a feeling of calm and relaxation and reduces anxiety. Indeed, cannabidiol lowers the level of cortisol present in the human body and yet this hormone is directly linked to stress.

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In addition, CBD promotes the production of serotonin, nicknamed “the hormone of happiness”. Consumed before the sexual act, CBD allows the couple to acquire the best mental conditions for making love. Pleasure is increased and stress reduced.

CBD acts on libido by reducing pain related to inflammation

In some people, intercourse causes severe pain. These include women who suffer from endometriosis or muscle spasms, but also people with chronic inflammatory diseases. Just thinking about the pain you feel during sex is enough to lower your libido.

In this case, the use of CBD is the ideal solution to make your sexual relations more pleasant. Indeed, it promotes muscle relaxation, as it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

CBD therefore reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Indeed, cannabidiol acts on the body’s receptors that allow you to feel pain. In addition, it improves the circulation of the hormone that regulates inflammation (anandamide). Finally, the advantage of treating pain with CBD is that it allows you to live a fulfilling sex life.