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Calorilight IntroductionCALORILIGHT, from Forté Pharma laboratories, is intended for “gourmets who want to keep their figure, and those who regularly have business or festive meals”.

You are one of those “greedy” people who, without being really overweight, pay attention to their figure, but find it difficult to resist the temptation of a small delicacy from time to time or cannot refuse an invitation. at a feast?
Are you often invited in a professional setting to meals in a restaurant?
Or quite simply, are you often invited in a family setting to more copious and richer meals than what you eat on a daily basis?

So, will Calorilight help you give yourself to these pleasures without seeing your bill in kilos increase?

Presentation and promises by Calorilight

Calorilight IntroductionCalorilight is a slimming aid composed of active ingredients of natural origin, which would allow you to control and act on the calorie intake contained in your meals.

According to Forté Pharma, these capsules will “Capture 50% of the calories from your meals! “.
These properties, apparently rather extraordinary, would find their origin in the complex Fibrocaptola mixture of active ingredients that ensures the success of Calorilight.

On the Forté Pharma website, we can see that this product was elected as one of the best slimming aids on the occasion of the 2015 edition of the BT Awards, organized by the Beauté-Test website. To be more precise, Calorilight was elected n°3 by the Beauty Test testers, which represents a very good score.

Forté Pharma Laboratoriesthe origin of Calorilight

Behind Calorilight, we find the Forté Pharma laboratories, a manufacturer known in the world of weight loss products.
A French laboratory is very rare to be rated. Generally, all slimming products come to us from overseas.

The laboratories have an address in Monaco, and can be contacted via a form available on their official website.
Forté Pharma has been on the food supplement market for 15 years now, especially those for weight loss.

Active agent by Calorilight

The active ingredient in Calorilight slimming pills is Fibrocaptol.
It is an exclusive combination of orange and cocoa fibres. This unique combination has, according to the manufacturer, a lipo-absorbent power, that is to say, which absorbs body fat.

On the packaging of the product, the mention “COMLEXE FIBROCAPTOL PATENT DEPOSITED” is highlighted, in bold and in red.

GOOD TO KNOW: What is hidden behind the mention “Patent Deposited”?

In the minds of the vast majority of consumers, the mention “Patent Deposited” is most of the time a symbol of confidence and the seriousness of the product. This is not totally false, nor totally true for that matter…

What does this statement really mean?
And is it a guarantee of the effectiveness of an active agent, of the seriousness of the manufacturer…?

In terms of patenting, you should know that what is legally possible to patent is NOT necessarily proof of the effectiveness of a component. What is legally possible to patent is:

  • A new product – example: the new active principle of an extract derived from such an ingredient, which is already known to him;
  • A new use – example: the anti-wrinkle application of this extract hitherto used for other purposes;
  • A new process – example: the extraction method of this extract and the production process.

Here is what we find on Wikipedia as a definition of a patent: Patent Definition.

As you can see, the filing of a patent does not correspond in any way to proof of the effectiveness of the product. Moreover, this concept of patent is often used as a marketing tool, because it enhances the product.

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After checking on the official website of the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Property), it turns out that it is the Fibrocaptol brand that has been registered by the manufacturer, and nothing else.

The composition Fibrocaptol

We now know that Fibrocaptol alludes to a complex composed of orange and cocoa fibers. However, on the official Calorilight website, no details are given on the exact quantity of extract present in fibrocaptol, nor on the exact composition of the product.

Needless to remind you that transparency when it comes to the composition of a slimming product is essential to guarantee the consumer access to clear and complete information. In terms of health, it is essential to take these questions seriously, and we are wary of manufacturers who remain vague about what exactly their product contains and especially about the dosage of substances. The ingredients may be the same for two different products, but the respective dosages can make a huge difference in effectiveness.


It is recognized that fibers in general have several properties that can represent a useful aid during a diet:

  • Fiber has the ability to fill the stomach better for a long time, which provides a lasting feeling of satiety. Consequence: the less you feel hungry, the less you eat, and therefore you consume fewer calories;
  • Following the elimination of fiber in the stool, the calories absorbed by the body are significantly reduced;
  • Fibers absorb water (and not fats as Forté Pharma implies!);
  • Fiber reduces the rate at which the stomach empties and therefore delays the feeling of hunger.
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A 2009 study published in “The Journal of Nutrition” showed that people who eat more fiber tend to gain less weight and body fat compared to people who eat smaller amounts.

All these properties are valid for fibers in general. However, it should be noted that no research has, to date, demonstrated that fibers in general, and those of orange in particular, cause these effects on the human body. What we do know, however, is that orange fibers can:

  • Reduce hypercholesterolemia;
  • Participate in the control of blood sugar levels;
  • and Reduce constipation.

But what about the orange fiber dosage in Calorilight?

An orange provides an average of 3.1 g of fiber, or 12% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).

How much is needed for a possible effect on weight loss? Question that remains unanswered since the manufacturer does not provide us with anything about it.


Cocoa is also a naturally high fiber ingredient. Each 100 g of cocoa beans contain 33.20 g of fiber, or 87% of the RDA.

A 2013 study from the International Journal of Obesity » has shown that the antioxidants in cocoa, known as polyphenolscan help treat obesity.
This study, carried out on rodents, made it possible to observe that the rats subjected to a diet high in fat with a parallel intake of these antioxidants, gained less weight and body fat than the others.

Cocoa is also said to have an effect on the production of fat cells, which could justify its potential to help in the treatment of obesity.

To date, there are no human studies to support these findings.

Scientific studies about calorilight

On the official Calorilight website, there are results of a study stating that the effectiveness of Calorilight has been proven.

Taking 2 capsules would absorb 50% of the fat contained in 30g of foie gras or 42g of fresh cream.
This study was conducted in vitro, that is to say in test tubes, and not on living organisms, whether animal or human.
We would have liked to know more about the method that was used to achieve these results, and of course the ideal would be for this research to be carried out on real human beings.

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Here is the result of the study cited above in the form of a graph:

Side effects and Contraindications of Calorilight

The manufacturer advises against the use of Calorilight for pregnant or breastfeeding women. A contraindication that applies to all food supplements elsewhere.

Apart from that, the ingredients contained in this product do not present a priori any undesirable effects or contraindications.
Calorilight is presented as a natural product, hence the absence of any adverse health effects.

How Take calorilight

Calorilight is used to limit the impact of rich and hearty meals. The recommended dosage is 2 to 4 capsules per meal, a dose that varies according to your build and the richness of the meal consumed.
The capsules are to be ingested with a large glass of water.

Needless to remind you that compliance with the dose recommended by the manufacturer is mandatory. Otherwise, an overdose may cause harmful or undesirable effects.

Price and Calorilight Guarantee

Calorilight is not available for sale on the official Forté Pharma website.
This does not prevent us from finding a list of its online partners who offer Calorilight at an average price of €17.10 per box of 120 capsules, currently with a promotion of 20% offered free of charge.
Calorilight Pack 120 capsules
Calorilight is notably available for sale in local pharmacies.

The official Calorilight website therefore does not offer any particular guarantee for Calorilight.

official product website

Testimonials and consumer reviews on Calorilight:

On the web, there are many testimonials from Calorilight users who report that taking the capsules has increased their transit and evacuation.
The effects felt may differ from one person to another, and a testimonial can in no way reflect the general character of the product.

Let us remember that weight loss by evacuation (i.e. water weight loss) cannot be lasting, because it acts very punctually on the contents of the stomach, and not on reducing body fat. And in the long run, it can pose a danger to the body.

In short and still according to a large number of testimonials, Calorilight really helps to limit weight gain after a heavy meal.

Last update: September 14, 2022.